Freshservice Hardware Inventory Management software focuses on

Hardware inventory scanning: Scan the windows desktops/servers in the network periodically to collect the inventory and store the details in CMDB. Scan at regular intervals and configure to meet real-time needs sans manual intervention.

Track Assets & Plan IT changes: Track your IT asset inventory changes easily. Plan changes, releases and workaround accordingly. Easy to update configurations and physical locations of each hardware asset.  

Manage hardware cycle: Track IT hardware through a centralized system even if items exist in multiple different locations. Automate your entire IT asset life-cycle.

Asset Discovery: Each time a CI is added, the hardware inventory tool scans and adds them to the CMDB in real-time. They are categorized into Discovery Probe that comes with a firewall. The Discovery Agent is not affected by any window setting and scans all the machines, even those not connected with the servers. It requires no authentication from user.

Key Benefits:

Dynamic Discovery: Every time the Agent detects a change in the host machine, it automatically updates the data on the server.

Periodic Discovery: A weekly update is sent to the server to maintain an updated record of the assets.

Auto upgrade: No worries about upgrading the Agent, it autoruns every time the latest version is released.