Automatically Group Tickets with Field Suggester

Assigning tickets to the right group or agent is a pain. The process involves manually assigning several parameters such as category, sub-category, group, etc. before assigning the ticket to an agent.  An internal survey among IT agents shows that it takes approximately 12 seconds for a dispatcher to route tickets to the right group or agent. With several tickets coming in on a daily basis, a huge chunk of time is spent only for assigning tickets. 

Wondering if there is an efficient way to automatically group tickets?

Introducing Field Suggester (powered by Freshworks’ omnibot Freddy), a feature that uses machine learning to suggest the right category, sub-category, item, and group information for every incoming ticket.  

How does Field Suggester work?

When we decided to solve the problem of manual ticket assignment, we thought we should design a feature that learns from a service desk’s existing tickets and use them to group future tickets. Field Suggester is powered by Freddy, our powerful machine learning platform. For the machine learning model to make accurate predictions, a service desk needs to receive a minimum of hundred tickets a month. 

For ease of use, we’ve created a separate view in the Tickets module to display tickets for which the Field Suggester has made field predictions. When you click on a ticket, you can see the predicted fields highlighted in yellow. You can accept the suggestions or make changes to them. This will considerably reduce the time taken to group tickets. 

The Future 

With Field Suggester, we’ve just ventured into the world of machine learning. We want to make the feature more mature and helpful to our users. Going forward, Field Suggester will make predictions with improved accuracy, and also predict more fields across several modules such as problems, changes, and release. We’re also considering the possibility of solving complex categorization and routing scenarios using Field Suggester. 

If you’re an admin or dispatcher in an IT helpdesk, you need not worry about grouping your tickets. Field Suggester will take care of it. You can use the saved time to read a book, eat your meal in peace, or even meditate to maintain your Zen. 

Interested to know more? Check out our solution article that talks more about Field Suggester and how to configure it. 

Cover image: Nidhi Shah