What is #KeepITFit? – What We Stand For

We’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of holistic health, here and here, especially for an IT professional. It’s one thing to have joined in on the conversation but quite another to follow it up with measurable action.

The life of an IT professional is filled with fire-fighting, screen scrolling, meetings, email drafts and quick meals that aren’t always enjoyed.

It’s quite ironic that the folks who are responsible for their businesses running smoothly are the ones who neglect their own internal systems – leading to a downslide in their health levels.

“67% of IT professionals have health issues due to stress at the workplace.”


Why do we need fitness in our lives today?

Is it because of our sedentary lifestyle?

Is it because of our bad diets?

Is it because we lose sleep to work?

While all of this may be true, there’s one big way in which fitness could be used as your anchor to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We don’t always spend the time we should on ourselves, and committing an hour a day to fitness and movement helps bring focus to one’s own physical and mental health in a powerful way.

Find an activity that makes you beat stress, and do it once a day. Do you like to run? Great, do that, be consistent with it. Do you like to lift weights? Cool, make sure you don’t miss out on your workouts.

We’re inherently designed to be active.
 Maybe you like pilates, or yoga, or meditation, or rock climbing. Whatever it is, tell us at #KeepITfit.

If you don’t like to move, then it’s time to get your hands on new things until you find something that you do like. Sign up for a gym, try out something in your workplace or living room, just keep trying new stuff until you find something that you like and then, be regular at it.

This October, we bring to you a platform where you can kickstart health and well-being at your workplace. World Mental Health Day is here, and if you haven’t yet plunged into workplace wellness, now is the perfect time!

We extend a challenge to all of you folks. Here’s what you need to do:


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Be part of the vanguard and inspire IT professionals all over the world to join in and do a little something to keep their systems in good shape. Are you up for the challenge?


Cover Image by Nidhi Shah