Top 5 Employee Engagement Strategies in 2019

With the employer market being squeezed for innovation in retaining their workforce, employee engagement strategies are the need of the hour. The reason being:

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Actively disengaged employees cost businesses $450 billion in 2018.

Shocking, isn’t it? 

Engaged employees, on the other hand, feel connected to the company’s vision and mission; they see the company’s success as their personal success. They are also found to be more motivated and more productive. Implementing strong employee engagement strategies, not convoluted processes, will help your bottom line.


Build your employee engagement strategies around culture

It is important to remember what businesses are made of — people

Since we are emotional beings, the emotions we feel can, and do, affect our work. The culture in an organization hugely determines how the employees feel about their work and their engagement with it. 

As an organization scales, how do you make sure that the culture stays intact? Apart from motivated leadership, great managers, and a nurturing environment, the organizational culture has to be built into the processes of an organization. This is where these employee engagement strategies come into play.

Top 5 strategies for building strong employee engagement into your company culture:

  • Competitions – Competition is healthy. In children, it instills a sense of teamwork, hones skills, and teaches them to win or lose with grace. Why stop competing when you start working?

    Hold quizzes, hackathons, or even dance-offs once a quarter to keep employees competing and engaged.

    Kida playing team sport baseball employee engagement strategies blog


  • Team rituals – A team ritual like this boosts morale, brings everyone closer, and gives employees a sense of achievement. It need not be something physically strenuous. It should just be an activity that everyone performs together.

    Remember, team rituals can’t be enforced. Talk to your team leads to envision and build rituals within their teams

    Team rituals jump rope employee engagement strategies blog


  • All hands meeting – An all-hands or town hall meeting is one where the company leadership outlines the growth of the company and the direction it is taking, answers questions from employees, and engages with employees. Through this, the leadership team reminds the employees that they are a part of a bigger picture and that their efforts count. This goes a long way in keeping employees engaged.

    Employees can lose sight of the bigger picture while being consumed by their work. Hold an all hands meeting once every quarter to remind employees of why their effort counts.

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  • Internal social media – An internal social media platform like Yammer or Workplace lets employees connect with their colleagues on shared interests through groups and updates. Announcements can be communicated to the entire organization using multiple formats like text, image, video. It also becomes a place where employees engage and express themselves freely and candidly.

    Implement internal social media to keep a check on the pulse of the organization.

Workplace by Facebook employee engagement strategies blog


  • Lighthouse – Lighthouse is our internal service desk, built on Freshservice. Why am I talking about this here? Lighthouse serves as our single stop solution for any issue/query/request that an employee might have. Whether she needs a new laptop, an item added to the snack menu, or a ride to the nearest pubic transport, the employee only needs to visit Lighthouse.

    Engagement with employees is made easier when you make reaching out easier for them.

    Plus, it looks gorgeous:

Freshworks Lighthouse image - internal portal for employee engagement strategies blog


Want to build your own Lighthouse? Email me:

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