Celebrating 7500 happy customers

A couple years ago when we first started out as a startup within a startup, we knew Freshservice was going places with the intent of making work lives easy for everyone. But we sure didn’t expect to get such a head start. Just about four months back, we were jubilant about scaling to 5000 customers.

Look where we are now – at 7500 customers and #1 in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd.

Thank you for being wonderful and supportive customers. You’re the reason why we’re constantly striving for more – trust us when we say customer happiness has been the most important thing for us since we built the product. And we’re delighted that we’ve received top honors for what we care about the most – your satisfaction.

What the report means for us

According to the G2 Crowd Spring 2016 Best Service Desk Software Grid, Freshservice has ranked highest in customer satisfaction with a rating of 96% among 48 service desk software that were evaluated. We’ve also been named ‘High Performer’ for our quality of support, overall ease of use, and strong market presence. We realize we’re pretty rad right now and it’s all kudos to you and your support for us.

With 49 extensive reviews from businesses and customer service professionals, and a rating of 4.8 on a total of 5 stars, our customers believe that we’re heading in the right direction.

G2 Crowd User Review

And your validation and love is what keeps us going to support you support your customers.

What a whirlwind of a beginning it has been this year, and it’s exactly just that – a beginning to a whole new era of work life.

Where we stand now

With the increase in our number of customers, there’s been extensive growth within the product as well. Over the past few months, Freshservice has been constantly taking bigger leaps towards creating happier and easier lives for customers. What began as a footprint to transform IT support is now far beyond just that – Freshservice is used across industries and business functions – be it HR, Facilities, Admin, Finance, or even IT.

Right from Cordant to M&C Saatchi to INCAE Business School, Freshservice has continuously delivered customer satisfaction, improved service delivery across business functions, and made lives simpler – just the way it should be.

And it’s all kudos to you, our customers. Cheers to a fantastic mid-year boost – the best is yet to come!

If you aren’t already on board Freshservice, check us out right away and try it for yourself.