IT Support Job Description Guide

An IT support agent is one of the most important roles in an organization. They are responsible for ensuring smooth running of the hardware and software infrastructure. This means it’s a shift-based job as systems need to be monitored around the clock. 

If you’re looking to hire an IT support agent or in the hunt for a job, here are the things you should look out for. 

Duties & Responsibilities of an IT support agent include:

  • Installing and maintaining computer hardware and software
  • Setting up IT infrastructure that includes systems, networks, printers & scanners 
  • Providing in-person or over the phone technical support for all the installed IT infra across the company 
  • Onboarding employees with the necessary hardware and user account creation 
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining the company-wide IT infrastructure including network diagnosis and monitoring production scheduling and jobs. 
  • Working with external vendors to resolve existing equipment problems 

Qualifications & Requirements of an IT support agent include: 

There are usually no restrictions for graduates of any field. However, experience in the following subjects would be immensely useful to prospective employees. 

  • Information Technology 
  • Systems Engineering 
  • Computer Science 
  • Computer Networking
  • Network security

While an IT support agent is not expected to know any specific software, they should know enough computing to be able to handle IT support software in a company. An IT helpdesk will be the primary dashboard of use for these professionals. 

In addition to the above subjects, a potential IT support employee is also expected to excel in the following areas: 

  • Logical reasoning 
  • Quick and timely problem-solving skills 
  • Being able to focus under pressure
  • Ability to work efficiently with team mates 

Working hours: 

IT support agents are generally available in shifts as maintaining and monitoring IT infrastructure is a continuous function. Sometimes, there might be travel involved depending on the severity of the issue. 

Expected Salary

While the actual salary of an IT support agent varies depending on factors like years of experience, level of education plus additional skills and certifications, the average salary works out to $52,949 per annum in the United States according to indeed.

Career Progression 

An IT support agent typically starts off as a generalist, responsible for a variety of functions that include setting up infrastructure, troubleshooting problems and also dabbling in the security function. After putting in a few years’ worth of experience, there are usually two options available. 

One, the IT support agent can become a specialist within the IT universe like network security. Or two, take on a management role as a leader within the IT ranks. 

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Blog cover by: Raghuraman Jaganathan