How Innovative Companies Turn Data into Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness Webinar, Part 1

We all want happy customers. Sounds cliché, but what we really mean is that we want loyal customers who genuinely believe in our product or solution. And we want them to have confidence that we will be there for them in the future, treat them well, and continue to help them meet their objectives. Technology plays a critical role in how organizations operate today, which means the IT department can, and should, have a direct impact on your customer’s experience.

But how we think about customers is evolving. You can no longer just view the end consumer as your most important customer. Innovative, progressive companies are looking at their customers from both an external and internal perspective. Today’s customer experience (CX) driven companies are expanding their view of CX to encompass employee experience as well.

Treat employees well, and they will treat your customers well.

In the age of digital transformation, technology — and how it helps them do their jobs — is a key component in employee experience. Historically, IT departments were not looked to for guidance on delivering great customer service and ensuring there were “happy” customers. Now, I see that changing — IT leaders are in a position to influence, impact, and direct change within their businesses. Proactive, CX-focused IT practitioners are setting a new standard for customer service and customer happiness, not just within their own departments, but their entire organization.

This month, we had the privilege of hosting two such practitioners as part of our webinar, Data: How Innovative Companies Use it to Deliver Great Customer Experience. Daniel McClure of Warby Parker and Rick Davis of Copart joined us to share their unique perspectives and strategies for delivering IT services and maintaining happy customers.

On the webinar, we focused on three key topics: people, process, and data.

It’s clear that both Warby Parker and Copart develop processes in support of outcomes that will drive the best experience for their customers. On the webinar, Dan and Rick relate how their strategies focus not only on the effectiveness of their teams, but on how that translates to their end customer’s experience.

Whether it’s how Rick continuously improves the kind of data they capture — no “Misc” or “Other” categories on Copart tickets — or how Dan uses data to assess how his customers’ happiness impacts productivity and CX, you will gain insight and knowledge on how to better serve both your internal and external customers. Hosting regular scrums to focus on service improvement or rethinking existing processes when they don’t meet expectations is essential.

Warby Parker and Copart are able to innovate through careful analysis of the data they capture in the process of service delivery.

After listening to both of them, I’m confident you will walk away with some new ideas and actionable advice.

So take some time to tune in to Data: How Innovative Companies Use it to Deliver Great Customer Experience. ALL of your customers will thank you.