12 Presents for IT Professionals of 2019

The holiday season is almost here and people are scrambling to get presents for their loved ones. The hardest part of this process is finding the right present. If your loved ones are techies or IT professionals, I have you covered! I’ve compiled a list of some of the best, or rather most useful, devices that can make their lives easier.

Before I get into it, I should say that we’re not endorsing any of these products; they’re just suggestions from the Freshworks team!

Top 12 Presents for IT Professionals are:

  1. USB Hub – Anker 10 Port Data Hub – With 7 data ports and 3 power ports packed into the size of a pen case, this is an ideal present for IT professionals juggling multiple gadgets. High data transfer speeds and fast charging make this the last USB hub your loved ones will ever need.12-presents-IT-professionals-Anker-Hub
  2. Smart Speaker – Google Home Mini – Use the power of Google Assistant to do everything from making appointments to turning on your lights. With a minimalist design and a small form factor, you can find the right one to fit your loved one’s home.12-presents-IT-professionals-Google-Home-Mini
  3. Power Bank – CXLiy 25000mAh Power Bank – A power bank with a huge capacity that can charge your smartphone about 5 times. Being solar powered and waterproof make it ideal for people who love the outdoors.12-presents-IT-professionals-Power-bank
  4. Multiport USB Charger – RAVPower 6-port USB Charging Station – This desktop charging station makes sure that you don’t have to choose which device to charge as it can handle 6 devices at a time. Ideal if your loved one juggles multiple devices.12-presents-IT-professionals-charging-station
  5. Wireless Flash Drive – SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive – This is a personal recommendation, as I’ve been using one for quite some time. With massive storage and wireless connectivity packed into the size of a finger, your loved ones will never be bored again.12-presents-IT-professionals-Wireless-memory-stick
  6. Smart Light – Philips Hue White and Color – Turn the lights on using your phone or your voice (using Google Home or Alexa). Change the color of your light and even tweak the brightness. Makes for an ideal present for anyone looking to brighten up their home.12-presents-IT-professionals-Philips-Hue
  7. External HDD – WD 4TB My Passport External Hard Drive – Photos, videos, movies, songs, documents, doesn’t matter if it’s important or not. Back everything up with this massive 4TB external hard drive. An ideal present for someone who likes to carry their media with them.12-presents-IT-professionals-WD-HDD
  8. OLED Monitor – BenQ 32” Curve HDR Monitor – The costliest entry on this list, this monitor is an enthusiast’s dream come true. They might be thinking of buying it but will refrain due to its steep price tag. So go on and surprise them!12-presents-IT-professionals-BenQ-Curved-OLED
  9. Neck Pillow – BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – One of the non-tech entries on this list, this pillow provides support for when you want to nod off with your headphones on. Working long hours, you may want to take a nap at your chair, and this pillow’s perfect for that.12-presents-IT-professionals-Neck-Pillow
  10. Fast Router – Asus Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router – Although we don’t pay much attention to these smart little devices that handle all our internet traffic, they’re quite important. Even more so if you have multiple devices and stream a lot of content or play online games. So go ahead and gift someone an excellent router and make their internet surfing experience better.12-presents-IT-professionals-ASUS-router
  11. Hand Strengthener – Luxon Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener – Another non-tech entry on this list, this hand grip strengthener can let you exercise while you’re sitting still. A great present for someone who works long hours at a desk (gotta #keepITfit). As a plus, it can also help relieve stress.12-presents-IT-professionals-Grip-strengthener
  12. Wireless Range Extender – TP-Link WiFi Range Extender – WiFi signals have a hard time going through walls, just like us. If your loved ones have trouble getting WiFi at their favorite spots, this WiFi range extender is for them.12-presents-IT-professionals-Wifi-Range-extender


Bonus items (because they’re too cool to miss out on!):

  1. Cool gadget – Blockhead Side Facing Plug for Apple Adapters – We have all experienced the woe of unsuccessfully trying to plug in an Apple adapter when there is little space in front of the wall socket. With this nifty little adapter plug, you’ll never have to plug in Apple adapters the same way again.12-presents-IT-professionals-Apple-side-adapter
  2. SATA docking station – Thermaltake BlacX Docking Station – For the ones that have to deal with multiple hard drives. This docking station allows you to use SATA drives without having to mount them in a casing or enclosure. It isn’t fancy but makes a very functional present for your techie loved ones.12-presents-IT-professionals-SATA-Dock
  3. The Freshworks Calendar – It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s free! Just fill in your details and we’ll ship it to you.


That concludes my roundup of the best presents to get for your techie loved ones. Hope you find it useful and share it with someone who will like it. Happy holidays!

Cover Image by Srinivas

Product images are taken from respective Amazon pages or OEM website