Manage Complex IT Projects with Our Enhanced Project Management Module

An IT project can introduce a variety of challenges during implementation. The IT team handling the project should constantly improvise and embrace mid-project adjustments to make sure everything is in place. This is especially true when dealing with a company-wide change that might come with varying levels of complexity, risk, and impact. Project management in ITSM ensures seamless implementation of complex IT projects within the stipulated deadline.

If you’re a project owner or a project portfolio manager, you should constantly communicate with all the teams involved, identify gaps in your project, and at the same time keep up with the timelines to complete your project on time.

A visual representation of all your projects, tasks, and dependencies will give you a glimpse of everything that is going on with your projects. This will help you identify bottlenecks and fix them before it gets too late.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve built a range of enhancements into Freshservice’s project management module.

Timeline view and Gantt Charts

You can now get a visual overview of all the projects in your organization.

Timeline view allows project portfolio managers to get an overview of all the projects in their organization against a linear timescale.  Gantt charts, on the other hand, allow project owners to keep track of the project they’re working on.

Here’s a list of features you get as part of Gantt chart,

  • A visual view of the project timeline
  • Colour coded task overview
  • Task breakdown by owner and status
  • Customizable view with a toggle for time periods
  • A pop-up box with project details when you hover over the chart

In addition to the visual aspects of the Gantt Chart, here’s how it can make the project manager’s life easy.

  1. A project portfolio manager can now save time by seeing all the projects within his organization against a timeline view and go into details with a mouse hover action.
  2. A project owner will be able to identify bottlenecks by seeing the tasks, subtasks, status, and dependencies represented against a timescale. This will help in understanding how the project is progressing and accelerate completion.
  3. After identifying the bottlenecks, the project owner will now be able to shuffle the tasks in the view and also add/edit dependencies within the tasks. They can even assign a task to a project member directly from the Gantt chart view.

Along with Timeline view and Gantt chart, we’ll also added a few additional enhancements like cloning projects and adding time entries to tasks


Clone Projects

The clone feature in Projects will save you a great deal of time if you wish to create a new project similar to an already existing one. Clicking the Clone button will create a copy of your existing project along with details such as outlines, tasks, and resources.

Time Entries

You and your project members can now add time entries against your tasks in a project. Members can either choose to use automatically start and stop timers or manually log the time and during the course of the project. Time entries help you quantify the work of all the members of a project.

Time entries, when coupled with Gantt view helps you in understanding the actual effort vs the estimations made during the beginning of the project. This helps you stay on top of your project and see that it is finished within the promised deadline.

With the newly built enhancements, you can effectively manage your complex implementation projects in Freshservice. The Timeline view and Gantt charts will give you a fresh perspective identifying the bottlenecks and complete the implementation without any hiccups.

If you’re already using Projects in Freshservice, tell us how you manage complex implementation projects.

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