Get More out of Your Day with Microsoft Teams Integration

Team collaboration apps play a pivotal role in today’s business. They allow members of a team to ideate, learn, share and discuss in real-time. Companies that once used email are now slowly moving to real-time collaboration apps. Several companies in recent times have started using apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Slack to coordinate among their internal teams. 

Seeing this growing trend, we at Freshservice, decided to take all the essential service desk updates to IT agents instead of making them constantly switch between their email, service desk and collaboration app. 

Even though we have an existing integration with Slack, we wanted to build integrations for other collaboration apps that are widely used in the market. When we were looking for the next big collaboration app, Microsoft Teams was too huge to miss. 

We’re happy to announce the Freshservice – Microsoft Teams integration that brings all the key updates from Freshservice to your Microsoft Teams account. 

Why Microsoft Teams Integration? 

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest-growing team collaboration platforms. Within two years of its launch, Teams is now being used by over 5,00,000 organizations worldwide. A recent press release showed that Microsoft Teams will have close to 13 million daily active users by the end of 2020. 

This growth has been validated by our user feedback too. We received numerous requests from our users who wanted us to build the Microsoft Teams integration that can help them get all the essential service desk updates right inside their chatbox. 

We took it up a couple of months back, and the integration is now ready. All you should do is add ServiceBot, our Freshservice bot, to your Microsoft Teams account, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

The integration offers a range of capabilities including: 

  • Sending notifications when a ticket is assigned to an agent/group 
  • Sending notifications when you receive a reply to a ticket, or when a note is added to a ticket that is assigned to you 
  • Allowing the agent to perform quick actions like sending a reply, adding a private/public note, right from their Microsoft Teams account
  • Allowing approvers to quickly approve/reject a service request
  • The use of commands to fetch, filter and track specific incidents and service requests 

Collaborating Better with Commands

Microsoft Teams integration has built-in bot commands that can help you collaborate better with your team. Commands like ‘Filter Tickets’ allow you to filter tickets assigned to an agent/group based on multiple parameters such as priority, status, etc. You can bring out a specific ticket from the list and @mention your team members to ask for their assistance. The person mentioned, or a fellow team member who has worked on a similar issue before can pitch in and help you resolve the ticket. Quick and simple. 

Additional bot commands like ‘My Tickets’ or ‘Fetch Tickets’ will quickly bring the list of tickets that are assigned to you, and commands like ‘Associate’ will allow you to associate tickets to a group. 

Instant Approvals from Teams

Approval requests will now reach your chat box with this Teams integration. Whenever a service request needs your approval, you receive a notification from ServiceBot. You can instantly approve or reject the request by providing a reason. 

ms teams freshservice screen

Respond to tickets with Quick Actions

You can now quickly respond to tickets without switching to your service desk. Quick action buttons from ServiceBot allows you to send a quick reply, add a private/public note, assign the ticket to a fellow agent, all right from your Microsoft Teams account. 

We’ve got more coming

We’ve focused this launch to improve collaboration and productivity among agents. But, this isn’t all. We also have plans to extend this to requesters so that they can raise tickets or respond to them by invoking the ServiceBot. 

So, if you’re using Freshservice and Microsoft Teams integration

Blog cover by Srinivasan Dhotre