Freshservice launches Return-to-work app to help workplaces reopen safely

As companies prepare for the workforce to return to work, a myriad of decisions must be made. Return to work policies must encompass a full understanding of the needs and questions of its employees. The other top need is a true assessment of safety as it relates to COVID-19. How does the new place differ from one that is familiar?

From the perspective of the employee, there may be sentiments of fear, uncertainty, and reluctance. What would it take for an employee to feel safe walking back into the workplace he once spent his work hours? Understanding employees and putting their concerns should be top of mind. 

To really assess workforce and workplace readiness, Freshservice has created a ‘Return-to-work’ app to automate the workflows to make the process seamless for companies. By using this app, you eliminate person-to-person contact while you are able to test for workforce readiness, check the health of employees prior to entry, and order the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) required.

Employee readiness questionnaire

With Freshservice’s Return-to-work employee questionnaire, companies can gauge their employee readiness to return to work in an elegant way. The questionnaire includes questions to understand the employee’s travel, exposure and health details.

employee readiness questionnaire

As soon as the employee fills out the form, the backend workflow automation engine triggers the approval emails to the employee’s reporting manager and the site administrator of the workspace. 

workflow automation for employee screening

The workflow would ensure that the return to work service requests are automatically rejected if the employee doesn’t meet the acceptance criteria in terms of exposure. This information is invaluable for facilities, procurement, and other internal teams to prepare the workplace for safety.

Employee health screening

Another key challenge for organizations is to ensure that employees returning to work don’t expose or infect colleagues. Screening of the employees at office entry/exit becomes crucial to ensure that only healthy employees are granted access to enter the workplace. 

employee workplace entry screening

A corresponding service request workflow would automatically reject if the temperature reading of the employee is above a certain value, or forward it to facilities manager approval if it is within the recommended value.

workplace entry screening automation

Employee PPE request forms

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees at the workplace can be provisioned with the help of the PPE service catalog form. Employees can choose the quantity and the PPE that they need and it will be logged as a request with the Facilities team. 

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

With the help of Freshservice’s inventory management, availability and stock information of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can be tracked efficiently. This would assist the facility managers to procure, maintain, and replenish the PPE inventory to ensure employee safety and comfort in the workplace.

inventory of personal protective equipment freshservice

Real-time analytic dashboards can be built to track the availability of PPE stock across locations. This information would be invaluable for facility managers to decide on workspace planning and procurement decisions. 

analytics for inventory of personal protective equipment

The decision of when and how to reopen workplaces is one of the key challenges before every company. Ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of the workforce takes top priority as companies formulate their return to work plans.

With the right tools and effective planning, companies can succeed in charting out a successful framework to reopen workplaces for the new normal. With Freshservice’s Return-to-work solution, prepare to welcome your employees to a safe workplace.