Deliver instant 24*7 conversational support

 Empower your employees to chat 24*7 with the Virtual Agent using natural language to get their queries resolved. Virtual Agent uses pre-trained NLP to understand frequently used terms and provides relevant responses. Connect your Virtual Agent with your orchestration capabilities to instantly fulfil service requests such as password reset, adding employees to an email distribution list, granting access to software tools, etc.

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Deploy in minutes with a low/no code set up

Configure and set up your Virtual Agent on Slack in just a few clicks. Bring on-demand self service support in channels your employees frequently use.

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Relieve your agents from mundane work

Deflect your L1 tickets with Virtual Agent and relieve your service desk agents from monotonous and repetitive tasks.

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Move from reactive support to proactive support

Enable Virtual Agent on public slack channels and let your Virtual Agent listen and provide proactive support to your employees with appropriate suggestions.

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Reduce barriers for context-rich collaboration

Your service desk agents can now seamlessly collaborate on project tasks with context from the choice of their tool, either Slack or Freshservice. They can track task status, priority, end date, and assignee within Slack.

More details here

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Gain valuable insights on Virtual Agent Performance

Get instant access to performance insights with an out-of-the-box report on performance and thereby improve your employee experience by optimizing your knowledge base and service catalog for better results.

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