Empower your support teams with Freddy AI

Increase IT NPS

Enable self-service on any channel. Quickly get answers and insights to measure and improve customer satisfaction

Increase agent productivity

Ease your agent’s workload and improve their productivity by solving issues quickly at scale with machine learning based intelligent and relevant recommendations

Decrease ticket handling time

Reduce handling time significantly by automatically categorizing, prioritizing and routing tickets

Delight your employees

With Freshservice’s AI-powered virtual agent pre-trained on the most common ITSM and ESM use cases,, your employees can get instant response and resolution to their IT issues, thus freeing up your agents to solve more complex and high value issues.

Configure your virtual agent on Slack or Microsoft Teams to get started.

Triage tickets faster

Triage tickets and ensure they are categorized and assigned to the right group faster than ever. With AI powered ticket field suggestions, you can speed up your first response times significantly while also improving accuracy of your data for better routing and reporting.

Maximize agent productivity

Increase your agent productivity with our machine learning based recommendations. Our response suggestions feature can help your agents deliver quicker and accurate answers to employees, leading to a significant drop in resolution time.

Stay on top of your numbers 

Quickly see the metrics that matter to you by asking questions in simple language. No more drilling down charts; simply type in the data you need and let Freddy AI take care of the rest.