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Unified solution

Integrated source of truth for your assets and purchases

Eliminate tool hopping and manual paperwork with a single tool to manage your purchase orders along with their associated documentation like vendor quotations and invoices. 

Bring all elements for a successful purchase together by seamlessly integrating with the CMDB, product catalog, and vendor catalog.

purchase order mgmt 1 2x purchase order mgmt 1 2x

End-to-end procurement

Manage procurement to replenishment under a single roof

Monitor service requests to observe asset usage trends and create purchase orders when you need to procure assets to fulfill requests. 

Streamline your post-purchase processes by receiving items and replenishing the inventory directly from the purchase orders.

purchase order mgmt 2 2x purchase order mgmt 2 2x

Setup well-oiled processes

Speed up purchase decisions with automated approvals

Enable quick decisions for faster purchase cycles by bringing all key stakeholders together with automated, multi-stage approvals.

Impart complete context to all decision-makers by enabling email notifications with a detailed view into the purchase order.

purchase order mgmt 3 2x purchase order mgmt 3 2x

Customize and scale

A scalable solution for your global enterprise needs

Tailor-make purchase processes for your enterprise with customizable purchase order forms and automated multi-stage approvals. 

Build for your global needs with multi-currency support to manage invoices and payments from geographically displaced vendors.

purchase order mgmt 4 2x purchase order mgmt 4 2x

Optimize purchase costs 

Get a bird’s eye view of purchase costs with Analytics

An integral part of governing IT costs involves ​​staying on top of current asset utilization,  order fulfillment statuses, onboarding the received items, and purchase details to optimize costs and to improve process efficiency. 

Freshservice offers out-of-the-box curated reports for you to stay on top of your purchase orders and their metrics.

purchase order mgmt 5 2x purchase order mgmt 5 2x

Why Purchase Order Management?

Digitize Procurement

Skip the clutter and go paperless with digital, integrated processes from procurement to retirement.

Audit ready always

Tackle audits at ease with complete visibility into your procurements in a unified solution.

Govern Purchases

Gain complete control of all your expenditure on procurement and govern it with automated approvals.