All features IT Asset Management software

For Improved visibility

A right-sized discovery solution 

Build a multi-source CMDB for all your hardware, software, and SaaS using our out-of-the-box, real-time connectors with leading discovery solutions, identity providers, and endpoint management tools.

Get a real-time view of your infrastructure with an auto-updating CMDB that can discover and manage infrastructure ranging across cloud and on-premises environments.

To Govern assets and IT costs

Unified asset lifecycle management

Leverage a single, unified platform to manage your asset’s lifecycle to enhance IT governance with a tightly coupled service delivery engine and to reduce IT costs by improving asset life with proactive maintenance.

With native solutions and marketplace integrations with leading tools like JAMF, SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, and more, automate and manage your asset lifecycle through all their phases: procurement, discovery, utilization, maintenance, and retirement.

For high-precision service delivery

An intuitively plugged CMDB 

Build a backbone of infrastructure information to your service management, request fulfillment, and operations management processes to make them highly efficient and risk-free.

With asset relationship information available at your fingertips, perform efficient change deployments and accurate root cause analyses by precisely gauging upstream and downstream impact. 

To empower asset managers

Innovative automation and analytics 

Empower your asset managers to automate all repeatable processes eliminate rote, manual processes across your assets’ lifecycle by automating and performing actions directly on the tools you use with the orchestration center.

Asset analytics enables your team to make informed decisions by tracking an asset’s lifecycle and forecasting IT costs by staying on top of purchases, contracts, and SaaS spending. 

Our suite of asset management solutions

Automated Discovery 

Discover your hardware, software, SaaS, and more across cloud and on-premises environments.

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Multi-source CMDB

Build a multi-source CMDB that is intuitively plugged with service management and operations management ecosystems.

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Relationship mapping

Track your infrastructure meaningfully by mapping its upstream and downstream dependencies.

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Inventory Management

Maintain an inventory of all IT and non-IT assets in the organization using advanced discovery solutions.

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Asset lifecycle management

Skip multiple tools and manage all your assets from acquisition to retirement in a unified solution.

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Purchase Order Management

A one-stop solution to track purchases, manage vendors and approvals, and streamline request fulfillment. 

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Contract Management 

Maintain a unified record for your contracts and software licenses. Automate contract renewals and stay on top of their expiries.

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Software Asset Management

Discover the software used in your enterprise, stay on top of licenses and automate processes to manage them.

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SaaS Management

Discover, manage and optimize your SaaS applications and automate actions on them using Orchestration center.

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We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.

We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.


Integrate with discovery tools, end-point solutions, and patch management solutions from our growing marketplace of 250+ apps.

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Orchestration Center

Automate processes across your tools and servers, and perform actions directly on them.

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SaaS Management

Discover your SaaS estate and optimize usage with our suite of integrations with identity providers and SaaS applications.

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Alert Management

Supervise and proactively maintain your digital infrastructure’s health by integrating with any monitoring tool.

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