Raise onboarding requests with one click

Employee Onboarding module allows HR executives to raise an onboarding request right from their self-service portal. They can simultaneously send the onboarding forms to the reporting manager and the employee. The module also let’s an HR executive track the progress of the request, send reminder emails, and also onboard employees in bulk

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Add employee items from the Service Catalog

While setting up the onboarding forms, you can choose the items you wish to provide your new hires. This includes ID card, laptop, creation of the official email address, CRM access, etc. The HR executive and the reporting manager can choose from those items while filling the onboarding form.

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Bring your key stakeholders on the same page

Once the onboarding forms are filled, a request is created in Freshservice. The request has child tickets for each item chosen by the HR executive and the reporting manager and is assigned to the respective teams for fulfillment.

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Onboard employees in Bulk

You can onboard employees in batches through bulk onboarding. Simply upload all the employee information into Freshservice and it will automatically create requests and send the onboarding forms to their respective reporting managers and the employees. 

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