Redefine self-service with Conversational Portal

Users can chat with your self-service portal to raise a ticket or request a service item



Essential Features of a helpdesk

Everything Self-Service Is Just a Chat Away

Users can interact with their self-service portal in the most natural way possible. Your users can simply chat with their self-service portal to get everything, right from searching through the knowledge base, raising a ticket to even requesting a service item. 

everything self service
Design Your Portal from the Ground Up

The conversational portal allows you to customize the name of your bot (You can Name it Jarvis! Or Alfred! Or BB8), the welcome message, background image, etc. Each customization option gets you a step closer to providing an amazing self-service experience. 

design your portal
Make Conversations That Matter

Know your users’ requirements when they’re raising a service request. The conversational portal allows you to add and configure fields under each service item. This will give your IT team all the required information to fulfill the service request.

make conversations that matter
Let Users Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Your self-service portal can have both the conversational and the classic portal. Users can bring up the conversational portal anytime by clicking on the bot icon on the screen.

let users experience