Bridge the gap between IT and the business

Set up an IT system that’s simple, efficient, runs like clockwork and is completely personalized to your company’s needs.

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Collaborate and align to business goals

Streamline individual and team workflow and easily collaborate with teammates and across teams in real-time.

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Task Management

Manage projects by organizing them into tasks and nested subtasks, and easily assign them to individual owners. Collaborate and discuss, attach files for context, view dependencies, and use the activity log to monitor progress.

Real-time Project Dashboard

Gain complete visibility into all your projects at a glance with our simplified dashboard that shows real-time progress. View all the details you need, keep track of the project timeline, and be notified of deadline violations with our tracking indicator.

Integrated ITSM Platform

Track and manage all your assets, tickets, and changes within the single system of your service desk. Plan projects better with integrated modules, and manage all their dependencies and relationships from the single window of your portal.

Comprehensive analytics to help you make informed decisions

Advanced metrics give you constant insight that lets you improve performance, identify problems, and plan based on successes.

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Out-of-the-box Reports

Generate pre-defined reports for incidents, changes, and assets using various filters, or choose from our curated reports. Easily identify bottlenecks, plan your purchases, and schedule reports to be shared.

Custom Reports

Easily organize yours insights into tailored reports to stay on top of SLAs and service desk performance. View real-time data as presentations or schedule periodic email reports.

Cross-Module reports

View reports based on their impact, group, type, association, or department to easily monitor service desk performance, identify problems, and make decisions within the business.

Interactive Visualizations

A data visualization engine automatically recommends the optimal way to present your data. Alternatively, you can browse interactive visualizations with Smartboards. Easily break down insights, plan better, and improve your performance.

Natural Language Querying

Ask questions about your service desk data instantly using the Natural Language Querying engine. Build custom visualizations, add filters, and even ask questions using a search bar. No training required.



Effectively engage with prospects with smart email insights and integrated telephony

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Freshservice's array of third-party integrations let you use your favorite apps to manage your service desk.

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Mobile Apps

The iOS and Android apps let you provide end-to-end support within teams, view daily tasks, and remotely manage incidents, changes, service requests, and assets.

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The exclusive integrated game mechanics transform your internal service desk.

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Ensure only employees can sign in to your service desk by whitelisting specific IP addresses. We extend our policies to physical, application, data, operational, and regulatory compliance.