Change the way you use your service desk

Your IT help desk aligned with asset management software and service catalog to take ITSM a notch above the rest

ITSM Software for Your Service Desk

Drive IT support with an ITIL-aligned service desk.

Freshservice weaves systematic workflow so you don't have to run around in loops.

Manage your incidents from anywhere, anytime
Incident Management

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Incidents and service requests have the uncanny ability to fall through the cracks. Access your service desk through multiple channels - email, phone or portal to report incidents and track them all from one place. Automate the painfully mundane tasks like acknowledging, and routing tickets. Freshservice lets you collaborate with your team, drive insights, and stay on top of your ticket pile anytime, anywhere.

Problem Management

Analyze, identify, and resolve problems

Wouldn’t you like it if your issues get resolved even before they impact the business? Freshservice's problem management helps you keep track, and get to the root of the problems. Freshservice lets you deep dive into each problem, tie it to incidents, offer workarounds, and run root cause analyses. Maintain a known-error database to document workarounds for problems until it can be permanently resolved.

Track and squash bugs before they eat your lunch

Problem Management to tackle your incidents before they cause major disruption
Change Management documents your plan and keep a rollout plan ready while implementing changes
Change Management

Plan, track, and rollback changes

About 80% of IT issues happen due to unplanned changes. And if the changes are not properly tracked, a lot of time and resources go into troubleshooting the issues. With Freshservice's change management you can analyze the risk associated with the change, and its potential impact right at the early stages of change planning. You can document the change rollout plan, a backout plan for unexpected failures, and send approval requests to the CAB without ever leaving Freshservice's window.

Plan and execute changes to perfection

Release Management

No more nasty surprises on D-Day

Freshservice's release management helps you carry out releases to the test and live environment without disrupting existing services. Lay out a build plan to compile the prerequisites and fix any bug before testing. Document the plan to test the releases one final time before they go live.

Get ready to push the button and roll out releases every week

Release Management allows you to test in a live environment

Robust ticketing

Make every incident and service request count.
Freshservice ensures every issue gets ticketed, tracked, and resolved, with some SLA minutes to spare.

Ticketing System

Mark, assign, resolve, and move on

Shoot down support queries and service requests without holding your breath, or searching for the right button. Whether it's categorizing tickets or assigning it to the right support rep, all it takes is just a click. So you can pick up, assign, and resolve tickets all day and still be in high spirits.

Bring back the fun to resolving issues

Ticketing System to mark, assign and resolve your issues
Knowledge Base to organize and have all the FAQs at a centralized location
Knowledge Base

Right answers for everyone

Why spend time replying to repetitive mundane queries? Reduce the number of tickets you handle by providing instant answers to your end users. Create a shareable knowledge base at your disposal whenever required. Easy to create, share solutions, documents, and tutorials at a centralized location. Improve customer satisfaction with lesser resolution times. All you need to do is link the related article with the raised ricket, or respond to similar requests with canned responses.

Speed up your IT process creating instant solution

Service Desk Automation

Run your service desk on autopilot

Why spend time and energy on redundant tasks when we are serving you shortcuts in a platter? Freshservice allows you to automate common tasks, and save your agents’ time to invest on more important issues in hand. Create specific rules for different conditions and let your service desk tackle the rest without any coding hassle. Easy-to-use, every ticket received in Freshservice can be automatically categorized, prioritized, and assigned.

Get smart, get consistent, get work done. Automagically.

Save your time with intelligent service desk automations
Easy to find and attach answer to your queries through Insert solution
Smart Solutions

Automate and save time

Freshservice lets you solve your users’ problems even before they raise a ticket by auto-suggesting appropriate solution articles. The answers are displayed right next to the ticket form, reducing the number of tickets and resolution time. One glance at the predictive knowledge base solutions is all it takes for end users to solve problems on their own. No more relying on agents unless absolutely necessary. 

Insert solution, because time is precious.

Service Levels and Escalations

Let us tell you what to do next

Remember the last time you forgot to follow up with a ticket? Freshservice makes sure you get working on the right ticket at the right time, with smart notifications, escalations, and proactive alerts.

Service level agreement for smooth workflow

Service Level Agreement for smart notifications, escalation and alert

Keep your assets in line

Keep tabs on thousands of assets without leaving your seat.
Have all your configuration items scanned, updated and ready to be managed inside Freshservice.

Asset Discovery

Stop searching and start discovering

Is handling and tracking a large number of assets too mind-boggling and time-consuming? Freshservice's inventory management tool scans the assets, and lets you configure in real-time to keep it updated. Worried about missing an asset in the process? All you need to do is schedule the asset discovery to run periodically. With integrated asset discovery in Freshservice, knowing who owns what asset, since when, and why, are all just a click away.

Discover workstations, printers, and network routers automatically

Discover your assets automatically through cloud
Keep track of your assets life-cycle through CMDB

All your configuration items in one place

Organize your IT data with Freshservice. Its CMDB manages collections of your IT assets and lets you take complete control of its service lifecycle. Automate scans and import assets easily into the CMDB. Track your assets right from your service desk, gauge the relationship hierarchy and dependencies between various assets.

Find out how you can pull the strings without stopping for directions

Product Catalog

Maintain your own repository of products

Track your assets and corresponding details right from the list instead of digging through multiple files and receipts for additional information. With the product catalog in Freshservice, you can categorize all your assets linked with all its details – from the vendor to the maintenance cost. Say goodbye to human errors and duplications, manage all your hardware and software units through a centralized location without switching tabs or servers. Let your service desk take care of your repository.

Manage product inventories from one place

Product Catalogue allows you to categorize and list all the linked assets
Link vendors to your CIs and much more through Vendor Management
Vendor Management

Go hands-on with your inventory

How easy would functioning be if you could manage all your products and vendors from the same tab? With Freshservice's vendor management tool, you can link vendors to your configuration items (CIs). Add vendor to the items purchased from your list. Easy to contact them for troubleshooting and fixing issues without going through various bills and switching tabs. Check out prices, warranty, and contact details beside your product listing, right under the vendor umbrella.

Get products stocked and ready by talking to the right vendors

Contract Management

Manage contracts from your service desk

Automate your contract management system between your team and vendors. Link your CIs with the right contract, and update your CMDB. Update the contracts for timely reminders and notifications regarding its maintenance, renewal, and expiry. You even have the choice to customize the contract fields just the way you want.

Maintain and track your contract lifecycle

Track all your contracts and assets associated along with the contract activities

Service catalog makes it easier to request

A familiar destination for your users to fulfill their service requirements.
One-stop-solution for all the technology, service, and information requests of your end users.

Service Request Portal

Never miss a thing anymore

Let end users request from your wide array of services in a single portal. Save time with pre-loaded service essentials and the flexibility to include more categories and items on-the-go. The list of categories goes beyond hardware and software installations – get access to onboarding kit, wifi access, or a new CRM account for an enterprise-backed service delivery platform.

Plug and Play ITIL
Incident Management
Friendly shopping cart experience

Place requests to get what you want

The service catalog software is a self-service station where your end users have access to all the services they can choose and add to the cart. The easy to navigate portal with the centralized workflows provides item specifications, and a go-to tab for end users to place requests across several service categories. All this without having to pursue departments and stand in queues. What more, you can do all this even from your mobile phone at anytime.

Affordable pricing to lure you further

Powerful streamlined workflow and approval

Never allow time lags to stop service

The agents are well-informed of new orders through service requests under tickets. A systematic workflow and inter-communication between departments and users ensure efficient and rapid service delivery. The agents can also make modifications to the service catalog portal by adding new items and specifications. They can include custom fields to items, set different visibility levels, and delegate the orders to the right teams, through Freshservice's smart automation. 

Problem Management