ITSM Wisdom from HDI Conference 2016

HDI Conference 2016 was definitely one for the books. There’s a lot more to life at the service desk than that gets out in the open. With technology moving at the speed of light – bots doing most of the work for us, automation taking over the grunt work, and self-service saving people from being at wits’ end – everyone’s trying to make the best use of these recent advances to drive efficiency and productivity in the workplace. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. HDI, this year, was an opportunity for us to get a plethora of insight into the advances as well as challenges faced by our kith and kin from the IT world.

  • ESM is ubiquitous

Enterprise service management – the big word everyone’s been throwing out like crazy all through the first quarter of 2016. Even though people have been doing it since days of yore (sort of), ESM is nothing but the implementation of ITSM best practices and technology in non-IT business functions. In English, it’s a one-stop solution for everyone in the organization to access services and information they require. For instance, HR doesn’t have to juggle multiple emails again to onboard an employee and can simply automate processes. Meanwhile, employees don’t have to chase the person next-up in the matrix either for their software update request or even for a replacement of their access card. They can just access a single portal for all their needs.

  • Workplace transparency

When was the last time everyone in the office knew about a policy update? And no, hearing your colleague talk about it doesn’t count. More often than not, information get disintegrated by the time it reaches the end users. Or worse, it turns into something out of TMZ’s latest hot take. Now, consider an auto-generated mail that gets sent out every time there’s an update. Tada, you’ve just attained inner peace. You never have to worry about missing out another employee in the mailing list. That’s the first step to creating a customer-centric organization – which is, by the way, the only way an organization should function if you’re looking to go the long way. It’s paramount that you know about the challenges faced by the customers, their needs, and provide the right kind of support based on those requirements.

  • Gamification for fun

Honestly, who doesn’t like playing while working? A little competition has never hurt – in fact, it has encouraged productivity in the workplace. A happy work environment leads to a happy IT team and happier customers. When you’re sitting at your desk going at multiple seemingly similar issues over and over, you’d definitely wind up feeling like a zombie, albeit a live one. Gamification lets you make your work a lot more exciting with incentives and trophies for the IT teams’ contribution to the service desk.

  • Implementing and adopting self service

For most organizations, having an FAQ defines self service. It’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Self service is so much more than having out-of-the-box answers to common queries. It’s about letting people handle their own problems without having to rely on other people for solutions. For instance, technology that suggests useful solutions from the knowledge base as the user types out an incident in the self-service portal – just like Google’s auto-suggest feature. Now that’s self-service for you. Besides saving time, support costs, and increasing efficiency, the service catalog in the self service portal lets you place requests for services/ needs just as you would while shopping online. Investing in the right technology makes all the difference. Say you actually get around to implementing self service but you don’t really know where and how to use it, now that’s just going to be an exercise in vain. Pick a solution that’s out-of-the-box, customizable, and fit for your needs so you can use it the way you like and provide a better customer experience altogether.

  • Support on-the-go

In an era where everybody reaches for their phone before anything else, turning to mobile for support is the right way to go. The ability to provide and receive support from anywhere, at anytime with the service desk’s mobile app is paramount to the IT team. Take productivity to a whole new level by managing tasks on-the-go and ease your work-load by getting to it even when you’re away from your desk.

That’s about it. An educational experience learning about the challenges faced while improving service delivery.

The fun doesn’t just stop here. We’ll be at SITS 16 from 8-9 June, 2016 in Olympia, London. And there are talks about a certain happy hour party that you just can’t miss. Simply leave a comment right here to join the party. See you there! Oh, and what are some of your takeaways from the HDI conference 2016?

6 Insights from HDI Conference – #HDIconf from Freshservice