All features IT Service Desk Service catalog

Shop on the portal for IT needs

Let your employees identify and acquire the exact services they need from the portal. Automate and simplify the request fulfilment process, and eliminate errors.

Simply offer multiple services for different departments through the user-friendly service catalog so users can place and receive requests in no time.

Auto-assign and send for approvals

Automate agent assignment for requests and create your own approval workflows to fulfil requests on time.

Eliminate invalid requests and redundant emails by automating the availability of services based on the roles of the employees.

Insights into service availability

Find availability of services with the catalog, and be notified if an item isn’t available at the time of requisition. Let employees even borrow items for temporary requirements.

Plan purchases or allocate funds to departments based on the insights from the service catalog.

Rebranding with the service catalog

Customize the service catalog to suit your branding policies, and easily configure the fields according to different departments or teams.

Easily setup the service catalog without any guidance