All Features IT Project Management

See projects through, from planning to execution

With the ability to create new projects from scratch or even from tickets or changes, plan all your IT projects within the service desk. Prioritize, manage, and track projects from the beginning till wrap-up, while associating multiple tickets, changes, or even assets to these projects.

Organize projects into multi-level tasks for easy assignment

Task management allows you to organize projects into tasks and nested subtasks that can be easily assigned to individual owners or even collaborators – for those outside of the service desk team or if you’d like to add an agent with limited capabilities to the project.

Keep track of who’s working on what, and enable completion of tasks only if all the dependent sub-tasks have been accomplished. Work better together as a team towards a singular deadline rather than on disparate timelines.

Gain complete visibility into project status

Real-time project dashboard in Freshservice allows you to track the progress of projects from beginning till end, at a glance. You can easily view all the details you need in a single window – about the project, its owner, the percentage of completion, and the due date for deployment.

Monitor progress in detail through the activity log that records and tracks everything happening within a project. Stay notified of deadline violations with the tracking indicator that lets you know how far the project has come.

Collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and share context across teams

Indulge in conversations or add comments about a project or its tasks to let everyone know about what’s happening, and bounce ideas off each other within the team.

For more context, attach files or links to the project – be it research or product requirement documents, or even notes about a specific concern.

Stay on top of associated tickets, changes, and assets

Track and manage all your tickets, changes, and assets associated with a project within the single system of your service desk. Plan projects better with integrated modules, and manage all their dependencies and relationships from the single window of your portal.

With better visibility into events relevant to all stakeholders, it also lets them know of a project’s business impact – providing greater clarity to make informed decisions and align to business goals.

All that you need to manage your incidents


Ensure on-time resolution by setting multiple SLA policies for creating task deadlines – based on different business hours or various types of tickets and ticket groups.

Filter tasks

Drive service improvement with built-in satisfaction survey that can be automatically sent out to employees upon ticket resolution.


Stay on top of your daily tasks by viewing them from the service desk dashboard’s calendar view. Easily manage all that’s due for the day and anything time-bound with its automatic notifications and reminders.