All Features IT asset management Contract Management

A single system of contract records

Maintain a complete record of all your organization’s contracts with third-party vendors. Track contracts for lease, maintenance, software licenses, or even custom contract types suitable for your business throughout its lifecycle.

Get an overview of all activities related to a contract, and stay updated about everything that’s happening with a contract – be audit-ready with all the relevant details.

Stay on top of contract renewals and expiries

Be notified of upcoming renewals or expiries for contracts, and easily plan for them in advance. Regulate renewal processes in an organized manner, and periodically check for any red flags with contracts.

Make informed decisions based on usage and value of the resources to the business.

Manage and automate approvals

Leverage workflow approvals to automate contract approvals within the organization. With routine checks to make sure all approved contracts are activated and deactivated at the right time, the Contract Scheduler speeds up the contract management process.