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Why try and squeeze into a non-customisable service desk?

When the whole world is moving towards customisation, why should your service desk be left behind? A service desk is something that’s personal to your organisation. It’s only right that you choose a service desk that has the features that YOUR organisation wants, and looks like how YOU want it to be. So why settle for Jira service desk that is rigid, non-customisable and takes a lot of time to implement & adopt?

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Jira service desk that’s easy to adopt and customisable, try Freshservice. You won’t be disappointed.

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Why is Freshservice the best alternative to Jira service desk?

A robust CMDB to ensure nothing slips through the crack

Managing your company’s configuration items (CI) is an important part of your everyday’s job. Jira service desk does not provide any way of managing your CI from within the service desk. You have to go for add-ons to even start thinking about CMDB. How easy would it be have a CMDB module directly built in your service desk?

With Freshservice you can maintain a repository of assets in the organisation with in-depth visibility into how they’re connected with each other. This in addition to having inventory management, contract management, and asset lifecycle management which makes asset management a breeze.

A ready to use knowledge base

Jira service Desk has no integrated knowledge base. You have to hop over multiple tools, gain numerous licenses from their sister tools and do a double cartwheel to have your knowledge base up and running.

Compare that to Freshservice which has an inbuilt knowledge base that empower your users with the information when they need it. With features like smart suggestions and solutions classification, helping your users could never get more easier.

Get up & running in matter of few seconds

When it comes to your IT service desk, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Having a service desk that offers what you truly need at an affordable cost is a better choice compared to something that’s bloated and clunky. Having worked with more than 20,000 companies of various shapes and sizes, we have seen that most IT teams only use a small portion of features of a bloated ITSM solution.

Freshservice offers a slick, lean and clean service desk experience with features essential to keep the business running. Why break your bank to use just 1% of the features of a bloated ITSM software?

A service desk made for the collaborative workforce of today

The teams that stay together, solves problems faster. Freshservice’s team huddle feature lets you collaborate and work with fellow agents on a ticket without losing context. All your conversation with regards to the tickets are in one place and on record. This coupled with other collaboration features like project management, task management, private and public notes make Freshservice the go-to service desk for teams looking to collaborate and conquer.

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