Refreshing Service Management for

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service desk and service management solution that's
easy to set up and use, to simplify work across domains.

Why you need service management


Transform support for all

From requesting a light bulb change to a software upgrade, Freshservice lets you monitor and perform appropriate actions business-wide, in a similar manner.


Connect easily across functions

Raise and resolve tickets without much manual effort no matter the department or issue. Easy for work to pass between different people and teams.


Simplify work, enable productivity

Save time, energy, and money by automating tasks across the organization. Let Freshservice assign, prioritize and categorize your tickets, and enhance productivity.

Enterprise service management for every department

  • HR
  • legal
  • finance
  • facilities
  • it
  • Communicate with your employees via telephone, email, chat, self-service, and alerts, to ensure they get what’s needed without making them wait for emails or the right contact person.
  • Customize the knowledge base to suit your users’ legal needs, update firm policies and keep relevant people informed, and easily track all contracts – from renewal through expiry.
  • Integrate the service catalog within the accounting system, configure pricing, and make buying simpler for users. Manage requisitions at ease from one platform.
  • A key player for all departments in an organization, let employees reach out to you by simply raising tickets and handle the day-to-day functions efficiently through the solution.
  • Make your IT support more efficient by automating tasks and organizing operations within the department to ensure all requests are met according to agreed service levels.
"HR doesn't have to juggle multiple emails anymore to fulfil service requests, thanks to Freshservice. It has gotten us far beyond where we wanted to be."

Ray Wise
Addison Lee

“From getting the lights changed to requesting software upgrades, we get everything done with Freshservice.”

Juan Ramon Duarte
INCAE Buisness School

“Freshservice has changed the way our (non-IT) teams function and improved their work-life as well as their performance.”

Christopher Zagarbarshi
Swinerton Builders

10000+ Happy Customers

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