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“Digital enterprises expect agile, lean and disruptive thinking from every business unit, but particularly from their technology arms. Modern IT teams must understand the definition of value from the customer’s perspective. Time and quality are the two new key metrics for IT”

     -  Jayne Groll, DevOps evangelist

( An excerpt from the 2019 Meet the modern CIO survey report)

The modern CIO is expected to drive digital transformation, business innovation and revenue generation. With the blurring lines between business and IT, CEOs expect to work more closely with their technology leader, going forward.

In January 2019, Freshworks commissioned market-leading survey firm, Censuswide to conduct a global survey to understand from business teams, their expectations from the CIO & team in 2019. 350+ decision-makers from medium and large businesses across industries participated in the study.

Key findings in the 2019 Meet the modern CIO survey report:

  • With 38% of CEOs owning the technology budget, businesses will have more than one digital leader
  • 53% of businesses consider the speed of deploying technology projects to be the biggest constraint in achieving business goals
  • With the rise of the new IT buying model, CIOs are expected to bring a new set of skills to fulfil the evolved business expectations

We hope this report provides you with market insights into the business-IT landscape and help you build an actionable IT strategy to deliver better and faster value.

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