Trusted by customers around the world to provide digital transformation

Automate and deliver service at scale

  • Reduce costs and agent workload with advanced capabilities such as Workflow Automator

  • Improve self-service and augment support with virtual agents and Freddy, our AI-powered chatbot to ensure intelligent, consistent, and personalized interactions in natural language

  • Effortlessly build powerful workflow automation with simple drag-and-drop actions and zero coding effort 

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Service management that scales with ease


daily ticket interactions

120+ countries

where customers are served

32 languages


13 offices

across 5 continents



2.5+ Million

API calls serviced every day

Consumerize org-wide service experience with an intuitive solution

  • Enable employees to reach support via multiple channels such as email, self-service portal, mobile app, phone, chatbot, feedback widgets, or walk-ups

  • Empower employees to help themselves with end-to-end multichannel self-service with intelligent chatbots

  • Elevate the service experience with conversational interfaces across the self-service portal, service catalog and collaboration tools 

  • Consumerize the service experience at the workplace with the unified service catalog and request portal

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Power to Scale

  • Leverage the  Freshworks platform to deliver a secure, stress-free solution for your modern enterprise

  • Integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and tools you already have in place with our extensive ecosystem solutions, marketplace apps and robust API for integration

  • Execute your strategy on a cloud platform that can handle your scale, volume, and complexity

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Keep Data Secure

  • Option to enforce SSO via SAML

  • Reduce the risk of uncertainties with out-of-the-box test environments

  • Track all the support activity with audit logs  

  • Compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001, TRUSTe, Privacy Shield

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Make Informed Decisions

  • Custom dashboards that can be built using out-of-the-box KPIs or custom KPIs from a simple drag-and-drop interface

  • Elevate IT performance armed with actionable insights on ITSM and ESM processes

  • Configure role-based dashboards to give users the relevant data to perform their roles

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