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According to a 2018 study by 451 Research, cost-savings are the biggest motivation for CIOs to move to the cloud model, at 38.8%.

Businesses are forced to slot legacy systems as a capex asset. A large portion of the total cost of ownership with legacy systems is the acquisition cost. But there are also other hidden cost components, that slowly but surely add to IT’s financial burden.

Years of feedback from our customers who’ve experienced huge cost-savings on moving away from legacy systems helped us put together this compelling case for cloud-based IT service desks.

In this whitepaper, we highlight

  • The different cost components to consider while assessing your service desk
  • A 3-year TCO comparative analysis of cloud-based systems and on-premise legacy systems
  • How cloud-based IT functions are no longer cost centres, but are linchpins of digital transformation initiatives
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