The New and Improved Employee Onboarding Is Here!

The reputation of your company depends not only on how you treat your customers but also your employees. The way you take care of them during their entire tenure says a lot about your organization. This includes how you onboard your employees into your company. 

According to a survey, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. A well-designed employee onboarding program will create a positive employee experience and will also help you save costs related to hiring and training new talent frequently. 

Keeping this in mind, we launched our employee onboarding module last year to help various internal teams seamlessly collaborate and stay on the same page while onboarding new employees. This has helped numerous organizations in making their employees feel at home and make them productive from day one. 

But, during the course of this one year, we’ve spoken to numerous customers and tried to understand how we can make the feature more robust and flexible. After several rounds of mocks and usability testing with customers and internal stakeholders, we’ve launched a new and improved version. 

Customizable onboarding flow

The new version of employee onboarding offers more flexibility in configuring the onboarding flow. You can now add and remove stakeholders involved in the onboarding process, the groups they are part of, and the forms they fill while initiating or approving a process in the onboarding flow. These forms now provide contextual information by fetching field inputs from other stakeholders’ forms. 

And not just that! This section also gives you a visual representation of the process and the stakeholders involved. 

Improved Support for Onboarding Kits

Providing your new hires with the right service items such as laptops, software tools, servers, and network access, and so on based on their roles is crucial for them to become productive from day one. 

You can achieve this by bundling these service items into onboarding kits for specific roles. You can either choose one of the existing kits or build a new kit based on the designation of your new hire. You can do this by choosing the available service items from the Service catalog. The onboarding kit you create can be saved and used for all new hires joining for a specific role in the future. 

Streamlined user experience

Apart from making the above functional changes, we’ve also overhauled the user experience as part of the new employee onboarding module. We’ve listened to feedback from our users to reimagine the entire onboarding flow, which is now broken down into a four-step setup process. After conducting usability testing with a focused set of users, we’re now launching this to all our customers. 

We’re certain the new and improved onboarding process will keep internal teams on the same page and enable them to provide the best employee experience for their new hires. 

You can know more about the capabilities of the employee onboarding module from here, and to know more about how to set it up for your Freshservice account, click here

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