3 ways to delight your employees with AI and Virtual Agents

Is your company losing out to your competition because your workforce is unable to be productive? Do your employees lack the right tools and IT support that they need to do their jobs?Is your IT team struggling to meet the pouring demands of your employee IT issues? Are your employees feeling frustrated waiting for their IT issues to be resolved?

A research report from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services and Freshservice found that 77% of employees will consider a new employer if their current job does not provide access to the tools, technology, information needed to do their jobs. 91% of respondents say employees have higher expectations for technology to be easy to use.

Primitive and manual methods of IT Service Management (ITSM) are expensive and inaccurate. They do not provide a unified employee experience that your employees demand. Most organizations desire to move to a state of ITSM that is cost effective, employee centric and agile. Your employees expect faster resolution to their IT problems.Be it quickly provisioning new software or fixing network connectivity for their devices.

How can you smartly equip your IT teams to serve your employees? The answer lies in bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your ITSM to delight your employees.

3 simple ways to provide best in class IT Service Management to delight your employees:

1)Harness the power of AI to automate mundane and repetitive tasks to improve speed and accuracy. Make your IT support agents focus on high value IT support issues that require their immediate attention.

2)Deflect IT support tickets by providing instant answers from your knowledge base thereby freeing up your IT support agents time.

3)Make your employees self-sufficient with a conversational AI solution that is pre-trained on ITSM use cases. By integrating a virtual agent with Slack or Microsoft Teams, your employees can chat and use it with their existing tools that they love using.

If you are interested in enhancing your employee experience using AI, watch this webinar on “How can you transform your employee experience with AI and Virtual Agents?” to learn and set up your virtual agent. Visit this page to learn more about Freshservice Virtual Agent.

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