Freshservice Day Pass

Why pay extra for occasional agents?

Your service desk doesn’t require every agent to be online all the time for support. Why would you spend additional extra bucks for occasional agents? But then what about those extra pressure days, when you just have to increase support or need your super-user on board for specific time. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a full-time agent, when they are going to access the service desk just for those few additional days.

That’s why, we have Freshservice Day Pass that allows you to add Occasional Agents. Every time you require an additional agent or provide access to specific people, with the Day Pass, they can login to your service desk and meddle it for the whole day.

Assign Tickets

Skip the email and long correspondence, to say a freelancer or consultant, dealing with your business. Give them a Day Pass when you need them and with login access to the tickets and help you complete the task. Depending on their role, you can assign them tickets or vice-versa, and shoot notifications when real help is required.

Choose the role

You can decide agent’s role and responsibilities with the Day Pass. Let them view all the tickets in the helpdesk, just the tickets assigned to their groups or restrict access even further, allowing them to view only the tickets specifically assigned to them. Now invite anyone from outside your core support team and rope them in whenever you need them.

Specify their actions

While assigning Day Passes, choose the tickets your agents can see, channeling the scope of their work. Specify the actions the following agents can perform within your service desk. This means if you need anyone from outside to help on support, like a freelancer, you can do so without bothering about tickets getting messed up or any arising confusions.

Introducing the Freshservice Day Pass

Your organization might need help outside your core support team to handle certain crisis. Now, you can invite anybody from your organization to get on board to the customer support team by purchasing day passes starting from $1. What more, you get 3 FREE DAY PASSES the moment you sign up!

The Freshservice Day Pass allows you to buy passes and let any agent login to your support for one day. To make it even simpler, you can just buy day passes in bulk and save yourself the time to buy passes every single time.

Make your service desk more effective, be it roping in the experts to add solutions and solving critical problems or those support-heavy days. Invite as many agents you require on any given day. Absolutely no obligation on buying limits or hidden expenses to bear. Use them as you want and whenever you want, without any restriction and scale your customer support efficiently.