Contract Management Software

Automate your Enterprise contract management system


Why do you need Enterprise contract management software

Freshservice Enterprise contract management software automates and tracks contracts between your IT support team and third-party vendors. It allows you to record details and maintain service level agreements between your team and the customers. You can also set alerts for when the contract is about to expire, and attach related documents to the contract as well. Define the offered service contracts of a specific account or product and receive notifications for the stipulated period. Save the extra time spent on managing and tracking contracts.

What more, with Freshservice-DocuSign e-signature solution you can speed up your contract execution process. Now you can directly send documents for signature, sign it yourself and manage them, all this without leaving your service desk. 

Choose the right type of contract for your assets in Freshservice service desk

Types of contracts

Freshservice supports different types of contracts – from letting you create your very own custom contract types to supporting lease, maintenance, as well as software license contracts, by default. Update all details of your contracts and enable efficient tracking of the same. Similarly, some contracts need more attention than others – be notified of them by setting timely reminders for renewal and changes. Determine the type of contracts your CI needs and go about your projects more efficiently.

Track all contracts & assets associated

Link CIs with the right contracts. This makes it easier to track the contracts associated with your products or accounts. Update your CMDB with the required details for uninterrupted service.

Customized contract fields

The format for contracts varies depending on its types. You can easily customize the types of contracts by adding more fields unique to your business, specifying its behavior options, and sort your contracts effortlessly. Organize all your data and save precious time.
Record and track contract history and activities associated with the CIs

Contract history

View the entire history of your contracts – from particulars of renewal, extension, to even distinct details relevant to your business without creating multiple separate logs for the contracts. Tune in to all key events related to the contract with a simple tap.   

Contract activities

Request for renewal and keep track of its approval right from your CMDB. Every change and modification made to the contract is recorded automatically – view the recent activities and track approval status at the click of a button. Access all the details from a centralized location without having to switch multiple tabs. 

Systematic approvals

Using the contract management system helps you automatically save new contracts as draft until it's approved. The contracts take an active state only when the period of the contract begins. 

Contract expiry notification

Your smart service desk handles all reminders for the end of a contract period. Link the contracts with concerned CMDB, set alerts, and let your solution remind you of its expiry before its end date. Renew or take the necessary action at ease.
Enable Freshservice contract expiry notification to setup a reminder before the end date
Renew or terminate the contract through a simple click

Renewal and extension of contract

Whether it's renewal or extension of a contract, embrace the simplicity of merely clicking on a couple buttons on your service desk and be done with it. Enter details of start and end dates depending on the conditions of the contract, decide on the approver, add the cost of the updated contract, and you're done. 

Terminate the contract

Replace existing contracts with new ones or just terminate a contract in your service desk when there's a need. Easily keep tab of all your contracts in the CMDB. 

Contract Management Features & Benefits:
  • Access contracts from a centralized location in your CMDB
  • Create custom contract types and organize all data related to your contracts
  • Sort your contracts and relevant information easily
  • Minimize risks associated with manual entries
  • Keep tab of a contract's status – approval, renewal, extension, and termination
  • Link CIs to specific contracts
  • View history and monitor recent activities of all contracts 
  • Attach required documents related to a contract
  • Be notified when a contract expires, ahead of time
  • Save time spent on manual tasks