Businesses are evolving, why should your service desk be left behind?

In today’s age, IT teams and business need to be aligned. While every business out there is evolving, why should your service desk be stuck in the stone age? Every organization deserves a slick service desk with an intuitive interface and powerful features. A service desk needs to have all these while staying easy on your pocket.

If you’re someone using a dated service desk and have been looking for an alternative to SolarWinds Web Helpdesk, Try Freshservice.

4 reasons why is Freshservice is the best alternative to Solarwinds Web helpdesk.

A service desk designed for IT needs, built for humans

If you’re someone who has looked for reviews of SolarWinds IT help desk on websites like G2 Crowd, chances are that you have come across words like ‘dated,’ ‘clunky,’ ‘difficult to use’ among others. IT folks and end users of today want a service desk that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Freshservice is extremely easy to set up, simple to adopt (by your end users and IT agents), and does not require any training to get started. Additionally, Freshservice comes with a suite of customization options that will help you personalize your service desk software.

One service desk, multiple uses

Freshservice lends itself to use cases of other departments within your organization. We have a lot of business using Freshservice for departments like HR, finance, legal and marketing teams. You can customize Freshservice to the needs of your team at NO extra cost. Forget the pain of switching tabs, multiple billings, etc. Freshservice empowers you to offer a service desk experience without breaking a sweat.

Who told service desks couldn’t be fun?

Keep your agents motivated by turning your service desk into a gaming platform. Award points for contribution to the Knowledge base, tickets solved within SLA among others. Gamification will not only keep your IT team productive but will ensure they enjoy the process of supporting your end users.

Get more for less

When you choose to go with Freshservice, you save your IT team a ton of money while getting many features. The cloud version of SolarWinds web help desk lacks vital features like remote support integration, dashboard, among others. With Freshservice, you get a suite of features around automation, self-service portal, collaboration, productivity, and reporting.

What more? With Freshservice you can choose a pricing plan that’s suitable for YOUR business. You can be up and be running with your service desk for as low as $15/month. As your business grows our pricing keep up with your business asks while being pocket-friendly.

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