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Retiring a legacy system yields substantial cost savings. While license fees are similar to Freshservice fees, the composite organization’s legacy solution required at least three software engineers for systems management. Eliminating this results in a cost savings of $1,212,853. 

- Forrester TEI Study of Freshservice

Unrivalled customer onboarding

SDI implementation award - For 2 consecutive years.

Boost productivity gains

5.5 person-hours - Time saved managing workflow changes.

Improve End-user Experience

4 minute time saved per ticket, 90 - 97% CSAT score.

Trusted by over 40,000 customers

5 Reasons to Choose Freshservice over Ivanti

Seamless support experience

Dedicated assistance to help you move all data to Freshservice so that your team can start from where they left off.

The right-sized ITSM

Fully-featured service management, IT operations management, and Project Management capabilities sans the complexity.


Built from the ground up as a multi-tenant SaaS product, implies faster upgrades and more release cycles.


Extensible with OOTB integrations using Freshworks Neo.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is transparent. The product is robust and stable leading to quick and easy go-live with no business disruptions.

Get your hands on an award-winning software now

IT firm Riverbed Technology, chose Freshservice over Ivanti to improve employee performance and hit refresh their customer service strategy.


The flexibility of the Freshservice platform lends itself to other enterprise service management (ESM) use cases as well — such as for the management and delivery of other corporate shared services like human resources management, finance management, etc. - Forrester TEI Study of Freshservice

Still not convinced? These value-added perks will help.

Intuitive and Easy to Grasp UI

No tedious training, hard-to-follow 800-page manuals, or long-drawn-out processes to implement the software. Freshservice’s modern UI is designed to be simple for easy adoption.

Transparent Value and Support

Experience simplicity in the product as well as the pricing – don’t get bogged down by hidden or additional charges. Enjoy 24/7 support from implementation till forever at no cost.

Customized Self-Service Portal

Customization in Freshservice is painless and straightforward – like putting together Lego blocks. Rebrand your portal to reflect your business with our out-of-the-box capabilities.

Powerful Automation

Automate common tasks as well as complex workflows using simple if-this-then-that rules. Use one, or a combination of these rules to completely eliminate redundant processes.

Mobile Service Desk

Freshservice’s mobile app for iOS and Android lets you provide support within teams, manage assets with a quick scan, request for services, and track ticket statuses even if you’re away from your desk.


The only service desk with built-in game mechanics that improve team morale and engagement. Create a fun work environment by motivating agents with award points/trophies for various tasks.

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