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Are legacy ITSM tools like BMC remedy weighing your IT team down?

One of the top reasons why people choose us over BMC is the benefit of working with a solution that offers unrivaled time to value. No matter your organization's size, Freshservice offers the right-sized service management solution that helps achieve quick returns and efficiency through bots, automation, and orchestration. 
What’s more? Cut out the clutter and use only the features that are relevant to your business needs. Freshservice allows scale up or scale down to attain the perfect balance between capabilities and ROI. No hidden costs, no support fees. 24X7 email support with every plan.

4 reasons why Freshservice is the best alternative to BMC Remedy

Set up your IT support in less than a day

Start adding value to your users faster whilst ensuring that you have a smooth transition.

One service desk, multiple uses.

Improve the quality of your IT service and customer experience with Freshservice.

A service desk at a fraction of the cost

Get a fully functional and intuitive service desk that grows as your company and teams grow.

What if your service desk could motivate your agents?

With Freshservice, you get a gamification environment that keeps your agents engaged and motivated.

Get your hands on an award-winning software now

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