Change Review

Ensure smooth working of changes

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Freshservice Change review is the final stage of Change Management process of your service desk. The main purpose of the change management lifecycle is to ensure low risk and minimal impact execution.

Change Review- A step forward towards perfection

Your responsibility doesn’t end with just approving changes. You need to dive deeper and evaluate the change implementation, find out if they are functioning smoothly or causing any sort of disruption to your IT services. In case it requires extra measures or modification, Change Review allows you to take the necessary actions.

How does Change Review work

Task gets assigned to the concerned technicians once the approval process is completed. Once the change gets released and deployed, you need to review the process, which will help you measure effectiveness of the change. As a Change Manager, your duty is to assess the releases and make sure they run smoothly without any disruptions. There's also a need to keep tab of whatever's rolled out and the workaround changes that are in action – upon completion, you can document the same for future reference.

How does it benefit you?

  • Track the rolled out changes.
  • Evaluate change implementation progress.
  • Gauge risk involvement.
  • Reduce impact involved.
  • Assess release output.
  • Create an alternative plan if required.
Change review is the final stage of change management process of your service desk