Change Planning

Because sometimes there's just no margin for error

Change is inevitable – every organization undergoes some major change every now and then. But minor changes are all the more frequent, and infinitely more troublesome. And the one department that usually bears its brunt is the IT department. This makes change planning a crucial part of IT processes, and Freshservice ensures the smoothest of transitions.

Keep your entire team informed and up to date

Good change management involves keeping the entire team informed about it. If not, well, Joe from IT is invariably going to get his shoulder tapped at the water cooler and asked about it. And one can't stress enough about the importance of communication to users. No worrying about all that anymore though. With Freshservice, make important announcements to users with just a single click.

Consider impact, figure out what’s likely to get affected and how

Before making changes, major or minor, it is always prudent to have an idea about the assets that are likely to be affected. Once you figure out the WHY for your changes, rest of the process slowly starts falling in places. You can start building up your case from here. With our smart service desk, it becomes easier to gauge HOW the concerned changes will impact the functioning of the entire organization process. Analyze the impact and chalk out your plan accordingly. With Freshservice, document the impact you think the particular change is likely to have for analysis. Mark the impact as high, medium or low for better planning.

Rollout and Backout Plan

WHAT is the change result you desire? Map out the rollout plan. Decide when you want to schedule and what are the different steps you need to test before you make any releases. Your Change Management doesn't end just here. A smart service desk software keeps you under a protection net with a backup plan already in place in case the rolled changes causes any disruption. Freshservice tackles right from WHAT should be the plan to WHAT IF the plan doesn't work.  

Freeze on final plans for all possible outcomes

The first quality of a good plan is having a backup. It is unlikely that the change you deployed this morning might break certain things. But knowing Murphy's law, it's safe to add backup plans in the change management module with Freshservice for the worst-case scenario. Being prepared's always a safe bet.

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