Change Approval

Ensure every change is in line with your business goals

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Change management isn’t as simple as it sounds. Most of the IT disruptions are caused due to unapproved change impact. You need to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact any other CIs involved. Even a minor change might trigger chain reaction. This means you need to keep a track of all the configuration changes due to complex relationship between them all. 

Change approval eases the process of planning and implementation. This is an advanced systematic approach to handle the non-routine changes. Service desk can seamlessly flow only when there are no bottle-neck to interrupt any process and allow smooth functioning of your IT sector. 

Change Advisory Board to approve your changes

You can manage your IT change approval with Freshservice anytime, anywhere without any hassle. It is handled by the Change Advisory Board tackling all these requests. The CABs decide whether to accept or reject the changes, once the status is requested. Proper planning and prioritizing is required before any change request is implemented. It needs proper testing, recording and evaluation so that it doesn’t impact any other working CIs or services.

Review and Assess

Review the change request and assign it to approved requester. Create different groups for varied changes. Once you review and assess the requirement, you can co-ordinate with the required agents and assign it to them. Increase your IT productivity with seamless workflow for your service desk.

Your change approval must be based on the following questions

  • Why do you need the change?
  • What is the benefit of the proposed change?
  • Does it justify the change process expense incurred?
  • Is there any associated risks?
  • Are the required resources available to implement the changes?
  • Is the change urgent or can be postponed?
  • What will be the impact on the other IT configuration and services?
Change management process to plan, evaluate and review to approve the changes.
Approve change request and release the items for use