Change Advisory Boards

Ensure that your CABs run smoothly

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Change Advisory Boards needn't be bureaucratic entities slowing down every major or minor change in sight. There's a better way to get things done, and Freshservice gives you exactly that. No unnecessary confusion and prolonged waits for boards to approve matters, simply because it's tedious to do so.

Put the right person on the right board easily

Create as many Change Advisory Boards (CABs) as you deem necessary to cater to your needs. And if you need more CABs, you know that a few clicks can get you there.

Pick out particular CABs and submit your change for just their approval

If any change needs approval from a particular Change Advisory Board before it can be implemented, simply click on the CAB approval option and select the CAB that fits the change description. The CAB members can immediately access the change in question, directly from their mail.

Did she say yes? Did she?

The CAB members can access approval requests from the notification mail directly. And they can instantly either approve or reject the change request with just one click. The requesting agent is then immediately notified of the decision by mail.

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