You just walked in to work on a Monday to find out that your business is knee-deep in trouble. Your entire team is flooded with change requests and they think they are going to be swamped for months. As the change manager, your only choice is to run through each of your changes, and help out your technicians by leaving them notes on what to do next. But between an umpteen number of tabs, dropdown boxes, and messages, it takes hours to understand and get to the bottom of every request, let alone resolve them. How do you plan on rolling out all your changes before the end of the day?

Plan, track, and roll back changes from one place

Whether it's tracking changes, looking up linked problems, or making plans for a rollout, Freshservice makes sure that all tasks are within the range of a few clicks. You can even assign tasks to your agents if you find your plate too full to handle something. 

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Link problems, assess, plan and rollout changes and the impact caused
Change Management makes it easier to plan changes, assessing the reason and impact caused
Analyze and mitigate risks before they become a chore

As change manager, you're well acquainted with Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, there is a high probability of it going wrong. And it will go wrong only when you're least prepared to handle it. Get rid of nasty surprises by analyzing risks even as you rollout changes. 

Proper Committee to approve changes

As head honcho, make sure that everyone chips in their opinion before you roll out a change by creating Change Advisory Board (CAB)s. The best part is there's no limit on the number of CABs you can create so you can go all out and have multiple CABs based on any criteria - seniority, expertise, or any number of inside jokes. You can even choose to send out approval requests to just a single CAB or multiple CABs. Collecting feedback's never been easier!

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Manage your service desk in a systematic way with planning changes after CAB approval

Bring in custom workflows and approval processes

As soon as the CAB approves the change planning, you no longer have to worry about planning and implementation. This comes handy especially when the changes are not of the normal nature. Get rid of any bottle-neck that is interrupting your changing process and smooth functioning of your service desk.

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Assess and Review the changes

Your work doesn't end with just approving changes. You need to ensure that these changes are evaluated and assessed in-depth before any changes are implemented. You wouldn't want your service desk to break down eventually due to any disruption caused due to modification without any review. Change Review allows  you to test the changes in a controlled environment before you roll them out to then entire organization. 

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