Your Go-To Guide To The Best IT And Tech Conferences In 2020

The life-cycle of information technology is becoming shorter every day. New competitors are disrupting industries by leveraging digital processes and practices. Customer and employee expectations are continually evolving at a rapid pace for the most advanced, hyper-connected and seamless experiences. Therefore, industry events such as IT and Tech conferences are brilliant opportunities to learn and network for all IT professionals.  

You must be looking to stay on top of the emerging trends in the industry, or you are actively reading about what your customers are excited about. Probably you are just looking to meet like-minded people and industry peers. If you are looking to ace your game in terms of technology and you are scouring the internet for the same, it could be overwhelming. So we have done all the work for you and here’s a carefully curated list of the best 2020 IT and Tech events happening around the world. This list will give you details to register and plan your conference calendar, including the event details and location that will help you choose the ones that are the most relevant for you.


 Top IT & Tech conferences around the world


#1  Refresh’20

Date: September 2020

Location: Las Vegas, USA


Refresh is Freshworks’ global user conference which is built on the premise that experience matters now more than ever. Workshops and training sessions are spread across customer support, CX management, ITSM, and much more. This two-day customer experience extravaganza will focus on how to keep delivering WOW moments to customers.

Noted speakers in 2019: Shaquille O’Neal, Marcus Engman, Girish Mathrubootham

Who should attend: CIOs, IT managers, service desk managers, IT directors, sysadmins. 

#2  Pink20

Date: February 16th-19th, 2020

Location: Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA


Now in its 24th hugely successful year, this annual IT event is globally recognised as the world’s premier IT Service Management Conference. We live in a business era of superhuman challenges. Is your IT team up to the task? This IT conference will show you how to use your IT superpowers to successfully drive business value! 

Noted speakers in 2019: Admiral William H. McRaven, Robyn Benincasa, David Ratcliffe

Who should attend: CIOs, IT Directors, IT service and support managers, Service desk managers, IT Auditors, IT Consultants. 

#3  Red Hat Summit 2020

Date: April 27th-29th, 2020

Location: San Francisco, USA


Red Hat Summit is for anyone preparing for the future of technology – a future built on open source. It is an annual IT industry event hosted by Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions. Red Hat Summit is the premier open source technology event for thousands of IT professionals to innovate and focus on high-performing Linux, cloud, automation and management, container, and Kubernetes technologies.  

Noted speakers in 2019: Satya Nadella, Jim Whitehurst, Stefanie Chiras, Ginni Rometti

Who should attend: IT manager, infrastructure manager, sysadmins, IT support, Application development manager.

#4  Interop 2020

Date: May 18th-21st, 2020

Location: Las Vegas, USA


Interop’s goal is to provide you with a “no-bull,” a vendor-neutral educational environment that offers real insight into the best IT practices and strategies for your enterprise. You’ll hear from industry thought leaders as well as peers experiencing the same challenges you are, making your takeaways practical and actionable. The conference program is also unique in that it’s explicitly developed to give you a full view across IT technologies and disciplines. This allows you to see not only the new options available but how they may affect your technology environments, and how to assimilate all the elements and systems that digital business requires. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Judd Williams, Beth Niblock, Kathy Kountze, Renee Lahti

Who should attend: IT manager, IT architect, software developer, sysadmins, infrastructure manager, IT support. 

#5  Micro Focus Universe 2020

Date: May 19th-20th, 2020

Location:  San Antonio, Texas, USA


Get ready for three enlightening days of sharing and absorbing. Sessions range from 1:1 meetings with Micro Focus leaders to hands-on workshops and peer-to-peer sharing – all organized around tracks dedicated to key market trends. This conference will enable you to build a personalized agenda that allows you to

  • Understand industry best practices
  • Gain insights from other customers and partners
  • Preview product and solution roadmaps
  • Watch interactive product demos or get hands-on with workshops
  • Most importantly, connect with peers and industry experts.

Noted speakers 2019: Scott Klososky, Tom Goguen, Charles Betz, Steve Anderson

Who should attend: IT managers, sysadmins, IT support agents. 

#6  Support World Live

Date: April 19th-24th, 2020

Location: Las Vegas, USA


Looking for a better understanding of today’s tech trends? Maybe your people management skills need a little polish? Perhaps you’re the brilliant-yet-introverted IT type who always feels at home among like minds. An efficient support centre never comes easy. It takes passion, dedication, and a very particular set of skills, both technical and customer service variety. SupportWorld Live is the service and support pro’s Shangri-La. A place to network and learn with your people. A place to get energized and recharged. A place that will help you realize your value—and show you how to prove it to the business. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Jessica Alfaro, Liz Allen, Tiffany Apczynski, Sam Armstrong, Gerald Beaulieu

Who should attend: IT executives, IT managers/directors, technicians and analysts. 

#7  SITS’2020

Date: May 13-14th, 2020

Location: London, UK


SITS – The Service Desk & IT Support Show, is Europe’s leading event for IT Service Management and Support professionals.SITS is your chance to step away from the day-to-day to share best practices, find new solutions and learn a whole raft of practical skills to help you excel in your role. The event attracts thousands of ITSM professionals, making it a critical place to discuss your challenges and come away with great ideas and solutions to implement. The exhibition will feature over 75 IT Service Management suppliers – see the latest products, services and solutions, including many being launched at the show. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Daniel Breston, Vincent Geffray, Vincent Geffray, Frédéric Chapron, Kat Turner, Patrick Bolger

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, Sysadmins, IT executives and analysts.

#8  Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Date: March 11th-12th, 2020

Location: London, UK


Technology-enabled change is on the boardroom agenda for businesses of all types and sizes. Cloud Expo Europe is the UK’s leading event for connecting technologists, business leaders and senior business managers with experts, solutions and services to help accelerate digital transformation plans.

Whether you are cloud-first, scaling up, refining, or just getting started. Cloud Expo Europe is an unrivalled opportunity to meet with leading technology innovators and service providers. Network with your peers. Access a wealth of knowledge and advice, including emerging trends, tech deep dives, lessons learned and market forecasts.

Noted speakers in 2019: Rob Muir, Chris O’Brien, Michael Wignall, Ross Kemp, Jespel Toubel

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, IT Management, Directors and Heads of IT & Infrastructure, IT Architects, Developers.

#9  SDI20 Conference

Date: March 16th-18th, 2020

Location: Birmingham, UK


With world-class keynote speakers, multiple practical breakout tracks, and the IT Service & Support Awards, SDI20 promises something for everyone; leaving delegates brimming with new ideas and best practice knowledge to help solve their organisation’s latest IT service challenges. Attend this unique gathering of service management professionals and discover how brilliant IT service can transform your business. For every service desk who aspires to be excellent, this is the one event of the year not to be missed!


Who should attend: IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, IT agents, Service desk managers.

#10  Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition Global 2020 

Date: March 17th-18th, 2020

Location: London, UK


 The AI & Big Data Expo Global, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition is taking place on 17-18th March 2020 at the Olympia in London. It will showcase the next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, providing an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI & Big Data to drive your business forward in 2020 and beyond. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Abhijit Akerkar, James Swanson, Dr Katie Russel, Maria Crosas Batista, John Park, Martin Treder

Who should attend:  IT decision-makers, developers & designers, heads of innovation, Chief Data Officers, Chief Data Scientists, brand managers, data analysts, start-ups, innovators, tech providers, and VCs.

#11  Marketing Show North

Date: March 11th-12th, 2020

Location: Manchester, UK


The Marketing Show North will have a greater focus on marketing, sales and customer engagement and it provides attendees with real-time experience and learning in Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing, Video, Visual Content Production, Print, Merchandising, Brand Development, Analytics and data, Business Intelligence, Market Research, Direct Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design Agencies, Website Design & Development, Affiliate Marketing, and much more.

Noted speakers in 2019: Marc Hiney, Pete Cape, Adrian Marks, Dara Nasr

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CIOs, Marketing managers, support agents, content writers

#12  HSJ Digital Transformation Summit 

Date: Feb 12th-13th, 2020

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon, UK


The HSJ Digital Transformation Summit focuses on the innovations taking place across the country that will shape the NHS of the future and it will also provide attendees with the opportunity to join experts from across the profession, as well as those who have successfully implemented digital, cultural and structural change across other industries, to discuss how to realize their visions in a cash-limited environment, and scale up innovations to improve quality and outcomes for their local population.

Noted speakers in 2019: Andrew Forest, Asma Khalil, Andrew Gardner, Barbara Camanzi, Bernard Quinn

Who should attend: CIOs / Digital Directors

 #13  CloudFest 2020

Date: March 14th-19th, 2020

Location: Europa-Park, Germany


CloudFest 2020—where the entire cloud ecosystem gathers to share knowledge, solve problems, and form new alliances. Here, their partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who take to the stage. The Intelligent Cloud allows AI to manage and distribute complex workloads, with smart tools that make interoperability and scale more cost-effective and efficient. It’s a tech paradigm that is coming up quickly, and CloudFest will help pave the way so you can be in the driver’s seat. CloudFest will explore how the cloud industry is preparing for the AI evolution in terms of technology, oversight, economics, and morality. CloudFest embraces and celebrates the cloud industry, showcasing everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. It is a place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries collaborate to move beyond the hype and push the cloud industry forward.

The noted speaker in 2019: Remco Hobo.

Who should attend: CIOs / Digital Directors, IT managers, IT support

#14  Cyber Security & Cloud Conference Expo

Date: June 19th-20th, 2020

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe 2019 will host two days of top-level discussion around cybersecurity and cloud, and the impact they are having on industries including government, energy, financial services, healthcare and more. Arriving in the RAI, Amsterdam on the 19-20 June, the Cyber Security & Cloud event is co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Blockchain Expo so you can explore the convergence of these technologies in one place. The Cyber Security & Cloud conference agenda will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting these fields. There will be real-life case studies and expert panel discussions within the dedicated tracks Enterprise Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence, Regulation and Compliance and Developing Security Solutions

Noted speakers in 2019: Eddie Ekwo, Jean-Mark Boschian, Erik Scherff, Nick Nagle

Who should attend: Development Managers, Compliance Managers, Data Protection Managers, Threat Intelligence Managers, Applications Security Analysts, Cloud Security Engineers, Network & Security Administrators

#15  TNW conference 2020

Date: June 18-20th, 2020

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About: TNW Conference is a technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors and promising startups for two days of business and knowledge sharing – surrounded by some of the highest production values at any tech event on the planet. Now in its 15th edition, TNW Conference has grown from a 200-person event to bring together 20,000 attendees and 3,500 companies from all over the world.

Noted speakers in 2019: Guy Kawasaki, Stephanie Hannon, Larry Sanger, Jonathan Rochelle

Who should attend: CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, top-tier investors, technology executives

#16  10th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science – CLOSER 2020

Date: May 7th-9th, 2020

Location: Czech Republic


The 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2020, focuses on the highly important area of Cloud Computing, inspired by some latest advances that concern the infrastructure, operations, and available services through the global network. Further, the conference considers as essential the link to Services Science, acknowledging the service-orientation in most current IT-driven collaborations. The conference is nevertheless not about the union of these two (already broad) fields, but about Cloud Computing where we are also interested in how Services Science can provide theory, methods and techniques to design, analyze, manage, market and study various aspects of Cloud Computing.

Noted speakers in 2019: Eleni Karatza, Martin G. Jaatun, David Wallom

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, IT managers, IT support, DevOps.

#17  Digital Enterprise Show

Date: May 19th-21st, 2020

Location: Madrid, Spain


It’s time to assume that digital transformation is bridging the gap between business and technology. A sense of urgency must help us to understand that if your organization wants to stand apart, it is mandatory to make Digital part of your DNA. The potential for digital platforms to underpin and grow your business is unbounded. No more excuses, it doesn’t matter if you were born or re-born digital, your new mandate is to be the engine of growth. Consumers are taking centre stage, and this generates a fantastic opportunity for businesses, but also paramount challenges. Digital transformation is driven by a set of principles and frameworks enabled by technology and connectivity. Once these principles and frameworks are understood, they can be applied to any Business. Digital transformation is a continuum and to show it we’ve created the Digital Star Cycle, to underline the 5 vital elements of this endless journey that will help organizations to capture opportunities faster and let them go before they are exhausted.

Noted speakers in 2019: George Beebe, Jack Cheng, Sukhi Jhutla, Jacques Bughin

Who should attend: CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Automation specialists

#18  European Identity & Cloud Conference

Date: May 12th-20th, 2020

Location: Munich, Germany


The European Identity & Cloud Conference offers a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations, and networking opportunities with a future-oriented community. More than 900 thought leaders, leading vendors, analysts, visionaries, executives, and end-users get together in Munich to be inspired by a list of world-class speakers. With five parallel tracks, more than 200 international speakers and experts, many Best Practice presentations and 130 hours of relevant content, EIC 2020 provide you with a comprehensive overview of future trends in Internet security as well as practical information about current projects.
Noted Speakers in 2019: Dr Sven von Alemann, James Aschberger, Ronald Ashri, Dr Ahmad Atamli

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, IT managers, IT support, DevOps.

#19  DevOps Conference

Date: June 8th-11th, 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany


DevOps is fundamentally changing the IT world and sets the path for successful business transformation. Join DevOpsCon to learn about the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies for building and maintaining a secure, scalable, and resilient software systems. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Nikolaus Winter, Christian Schneider, Harald Uebele

Who should attend: DevOps, IT managers, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs

#20  CIO Nordic Summit

Date: Feb 19th, 2020

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden


The CIO Nordic Summit is a chance for CIOs and IT executives to meet with their technology peers from various industries, including health care, finance, insurance, government, telecom, utilities, education and more. This summit features engaging Keynote Presentations, Thought Leadership sessions, CIO Think Tanks and other educational sessions on the latest technology topics and trends. Open discussions and networking time give attending CIOs and technology executives the opportunity to discuss common problems and discover new and innovative solutions. Attendees will leave the event with new business contacts and new ideas on how to move their businesses forward. 

Noted speakers in 2019: Ivar Berntz, Erik Blomberg, Malin Bäcklund, Christoffer Callendar

Who should attend: CIOs, CEOs, IT executives, IT managers

#21  Dublin Tech Summit

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Date: April 22-23, 2020


Dublin Tech Summit is a two-day global tech conference that sits at the heart of the Irish tech scene. In just three short years DTS has emerged as Ireland’s largest tech event as well as “Europe’s fastest-growing tech conference”. DTS brings together some of the most influential tech and business leaders to Dublin for two days of growth & development, knowledge sharing, covering the latest trends, networking, and of course…the craic!

Noted speakers in 2019: Werner Vogals, Dan Calvert, Mijai Alisie, Raj Samani, Chris Hadfield

Who should attend: innovators, co-founders, developers, and c-level decision-makers

#22  Datacloud Global Congress 2020

Date: June 2nd-4th, 2020

Location: Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

About: Datacloud Global Congress is a key global event for critical IT infrastructure related to cloud and data center industry. Datacloud attracts senior data center, cloud and Edge leaders and executives, their enterprise customers and investors from more than 160 countries and leading international speakers and experts in a completely new programme across three days in Monaco. Recognized for providing insightful content and great networking, the event has built its reputation as a place to do deals.

Noted speakers in 2019: Stephen Brook, Ralph Choufani, Matthew Dent, Hossein Fateh, Kemal Hawa, Miles Loo

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, IT specialists, Tech Architects and developers.

#23  DATAx Singapore 2020

Date: August 27th-28th, 2020

Location: Suntec City, Singapore


DATAx is the only tech conference in Asia dedicated explicitly to exploring AI and data science. At this conference, you can hear topics such as machine learning, NLP, data analytics, data strategy, automation, and cloud. You can join useful interactive workshops, insightful panels, and keynotes delivered by the biggest tech companies in the world that shape the future of AI. With the data scientists coming from the biggest companies in the world, you’ll be able to learn more about data science.

Noted speakers in 2019: Grace Tang, Dr Meri Rosich, and Jim Roovers

Who should attend: CTOs, CIOs, IT specialists, Tech enthusiasts 

#24  Cisco Live 2020

Date: January 27th-31st, 2020

Location: Barcelona, Spain

About: Cisco Live is Cisco’s world-renowned annual customer and partner conference that is designed to build the foundation for your digital future by providing you with education, connections, and inspiration

Transform your outlook, career, and potential by learning directly from Cisco’s best and brightest. From technical training to future-focused thought leadership, 1:1 meetings with Cisco experts to connecting with Cisco partners, having fun at the Cisco Live Celebration to networking with your peers – Cisco Live 2020, Barcelona is the place to experience it all.

Noted Speakers in 2019: David Goeckeler, Larry Brilliant, Roland Acra

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, IT specialists, IT support, Developers

#25  Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020

Date: February 17th-18th, 2020

Location: Sydney, Australia


By attending Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, you’re joining a community of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts pushing the bounds of data and analytics leaders. This conference is the one place you can access research-backed sessions, get expert advice on your specific challenges and interact with colleagues — all in one place, over two days.

Noted speakers in 2019: Simon Walker, Saul Judah, Hannah Fry, Peter Krensky

Who should attend: CDOs, CAOs, Senior IT leaders, Senior business leaders, Business analysts, data scientists

#26  SaaStock 2020

Date: October 14th-16th, 2020

Location: Dublin, Ireland

About: SaaStock is not only one of the biggest SaaS conferences in Europe, but it’s also a major go-to international event for anyone in the industry. Boasting attendance numbers around 1500 people (15% of which are investors), people attend SaaStock to hear inspiring stories and sound advice from notable brands and founders in tech. Attend this conference if you want to learn how to grow your business and make the connections to help you do exactly that.

Noted speakers in 2019: Girish Mathrubootham, Philippe Botteri, April Dunford, Claire Hughes Johnson, Dan Martell, Rory O’Driscoll

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, SaaS experts, Senior IT managers

Technology is inescapable. As the days go by, technology only gets better and better. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday is an old hat now. For any organization to grow and stay in business, being relevant is everything. Irrelevance is considered a death sentence by any company’s standards. Networking and attending events will keep you current with emerging tech and your competitors because a little procrastination on your end and you will be left to dust by one of your competitors. 

If we have missed any of your favourite conferences, comment below the event details so that we can add them to our growing list! 

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