Get Visibility into your IT infrastructure in one place

Constantly switching between monitoring tools can be time-consuming and tiring. Get a holistic view of your IT infrastructure by seamlessly connecting all your monitoring tools with Freshservice. 

alert management connect monitoring tools

Achieve Inner Peace with Alert Grouping 

Freshservice reduces alert noise by automatically grouping similar alerts. Another way it gives you peace of mind is by auto-remediating incidents whenever the alert status comes back to normal. 

alert management connect monitoring tools

Capture Critical Alerts and resolve them on time

Use Alert rules to design a workflow that identifies critical alerts based on set conditions, automatically creates incidents, and assigns them to the respective teams for faster resolution. 

alert management connect monitoring tools

Optimize Your Service Performance with Analytics

Unifying alerts from all your monitoring tools give you the ability to identify alert trends across your IT infrastructure. This will allow you to optimize your IT infrastructure for performance and cost. 

alert management alert reports

Bring Operations and Service Management together

Manage your IT Infrastructure right from your service desk. Every incident gives you a glimpse of the complete alert history behind it. And, the best part is, everything mentioned here works out of the box!

alert management alert rules