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Are these misconceptions holding up your AI strategy ?

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69% of IT practitioners assume it takes weeks to install an enterprise wide AI solution for ITSM

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40% believe integration with legacy system is a challenge

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39% say training AI bots is a concern

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38% consider cost of implementation, a stumbling block 


Right size AI with Freshservice


Contrary to popular belief implementing AI can be easy, inexpensive and uncomplicated. Freshservice offers a pre-trained, easy to deploy and affordable AI enabled ITSM solution for companies of all sizes.

Intelligent service management made easy

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Episode 1 

Joy Su, Freshworks | Chad Haftorson, Freshworks | Nirmal Krishnamoorthy, Freshwork

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Episode 2

Stephen Mann, ITSM.tools | Deepthi Nagarajan, Freshworks | Nirmal Krishnamoorthy, Freshworks 

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Episode 3

Bobby McCullough, Flycast Partners | Berkeley Vogelheim, Freshworks | Nirmal Krishnamoorthy, Freshworks

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Episode 4

Stephen Mann, ITSM.tools | Joy Su, Freshworks| Nirmal Krishnamoorthy, Freshworks