Businesses are moving forward, why should your Service desk be left behind?

When it comes to your service desk, old is not always gold. The organisations of today need a slick, modern and clutter free service desk, and not something that’s designed in early 2000s. So unless your processes and asks are still age old, the interface of your service desk becomes ineffectual.

Then the question - Why not have a service desk that’s feature rich, modern and also slick?

If you are still pondering, and have been looking for an alternative, look no further.

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6 Reasons why you should try Freshservice

A service desk made for the workforce of today

Gone are the days where IT tools were expected to be heavy, dated and rigid. Business apps of today need to be designed for hassle free usage and easier navigation. All this cannot be achieved with a tool that was designed and made for the yesteryear. Freshservice’s modern UI is designed to be simple and easy adoption by your agents and end-users alike. No training manuals, no month long implementations, and no steep learning curve. Get up and running quickly with a service desk that’s tailored to meet your needs in a clean, slick and beautiful interface. Also, did we tell you about our customizable interfaces for all your IT and non-IT needs?

get off the ground in less than 1 day 2x

Imitate e-commerce shopping experience with service catalog

End users are never going to like your service desk if does not provide them what they want in jiffy! With Freshservice provide your users with a portal that’s similar to shopping online. Requesting for a new service has never been more easier. Customise the service catalog to suit your branding guidelines and configure visibilities based on teams, roles, and geography. Our service catalog will ensure your users would never have to walk to a service desk for any new requests!

a single service desk for every use case 2x

Step away from your service desk and still be productive

Leverage the best rated mobile service desk app (on iOS and Android) to let customers report issues and empowering IT folks to solve issues even when not in their desk. Freshservice’s mobile app is not designed to just mimic the desktop experience, but also has some mobile exclusive features. With features like ‘To-dos’, approval management, quick menus, barcode scanning- being productive is at the tip of your fingers (quite literally). With over 60% adoption among active agents, Freshservice is your answer to a buying a service desk for the modern workforce.

step away from your service desk and still be productive 2x

Get more out of Freshservice by seamlessly integrating with business apps

Extract more functionalities out of Freshservice by integrating your service desk with a suite of business apps. From apps for remote support to G-Suite we’ve got it all covered so you never have to worry about anything.

get more out of freshservice by seamlessly integrating with business apps 2x

Let your IT agents have some fun with Gamification

The only ITSM tool that transforms your internal service desk into a game. Your agents will now have fun while supporting users and you can keep your team motivated and engaged; introducing Freshservice's integrated game mechanics.

why shouldn t it agents have some fun 2x

A pricing plan where you have the ‘License’ to upgrade

At Freshservice our pricings are transparent and straightforward. We don’t make your life difficult when you want to upgrade or downgrade to another price plan. Freshservice gives transparent pricing and discounts* that don’t expire. Pay for what you use, and never worry about your service desk stopping to work because of ‘licensing’ issues.

an itsm tool thats easy on your pocket

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