5 AI Use Cases in ITSM and ITOM

A broad enthusiasm for AI is already evidenced by the technology’s adoption within many organizations in 2021.

In a recent multinational survey conducted by IDG, we found that more than one-quarter (27%) of the survey respondents have fully deployed AI-enabled ITSM/ITOM solutions, and another 34% have made initial deployments in select use cases and departments. At the same time, another 32% are exploring AI-based solutions or gathering information about them.

So if you do the math, 93% have already deployed or started to explore AI solutions for their workplaces!

Whether you’re an organization that has just begun talking about the significance of AI in IT or fully deployed AI-enabled solutions to your business operations, you need to know these five AI use cases to start reaping the benefits of AI from day one.

Read on to find out what they are!

1. AI-powered knowledge management

Using deep learning technology, knowledge management provides solutions from the repository or searches the cloud to provide a relevant and smart solution to help IT agents resolve tickets. This way, organizations can spend less time managing the knowledge base and more time effortlessly sharing the knowledge with agents and end-users.

2. Workload optimization

Agents are often found spending a huge chunk of their time classifying and assigning tickets manually. But thanks to AI technologies, tickets are automatically identified and assigned in the right category to the right agent. In exploring the question of performance expectations, the IDG survey found that 25% expected AI-powered ITSM/ITOM solutions to reduce IT staff workloads, and 39% have already experienced this benefit.

3. Change management

By deploying machine learning technologies, potential risks are identified and alerted to the change manager to execute the backout plan. Machine learning also helps during change evaluation and planning to schedule the change request appropriately.

4. Classification of incident vs. service request

More often than not, end-users struggle with the difference between an incident and a service request. Based on past learnings, AI identifies the ticket type and classifies them for the service desk agents.

5. Personalized conversation

Personalized conversations are vital in maintaining customer satisfaction scores and chatbots and virtual agents are perfect for the job! They ensure real-time, consistent, and personalized conversations are met with the end-users. A recent study also found chatbots to be one of the most notable areas in ITSM that respondents want to improve using AI solutions.

But let’s not forget that complex tier II and tier III tasks require human intervention to solve them and not via chatbots or virtual agents.

Final thoughts

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Design Courtesy: Raghuraman Jaganathan